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    over 3 years ago

    Thanks for the friendship.

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    over 3 years ago

    I noticed that so many of us use shirt stays but get frustrated when they come undone. Not only is this a safety issue but it is rather embarrassing. I have SOLVED this problem and sucessfully altered my own uniform shirts. I use the stirrup shirt stays so I don't have to worry about the clasps coming off the socks and the alteration to my shirt works 100% 24/7 with the same clasps that used to come undone. What a relief it is KNOWING that they will STAY CONNECTED !!! But when I contacted the company that makes my uniform shirts they wouldn't even begin to hear me out. I have found that obtaining a patent is out of my price range so I would be willing to just sell my idea ( hey, I'm a public servant and would like to be able to retire sooner rather than later ) to a company that will make this idea availible to Law Enforcement Officers and all branches of the Military. This is too good to keep to myself but I also don't want someone else getting rich off my idea. Brothers and sisters help me out so this will be one less thing to worry about while on duty. Contact your shirt supplier and request that they at least hear me out. Thank you and stay safe.