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Police Patch



San Antonio, TX
Dispatcher / Communications
Actively Serving
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Football, Hockey, Basketball, & crafts!
Favorite Movies:
To Kill a Mockingbird, The Cowboys (with THE John Wayne!), and most things Steven King
Favorite TV Shows:
Seinfeld, Frazier,Becker, 2 and a half Men, nearly anything on HGTV or TruTV. Dallas Cowboys!!!!! Spurs!!!!!! UT Longhorns!!!!! GO COLTS! Superbowl baby!
Favorite Music:
depends on my mood *SMILE*

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July 15
chopt_liver commented on: "Gary".

"Hola from the hot and dry state of Texas!! I am fine! Thanks so much for checkin on me!! Hope ALL is well with you!!
Big hugz! "

chopt_liver commented on: "Page Anderson".

"Hiiiiiiii Everyone!!! Yes, I am alive and well (sorta - but boring story lol) Hope that EVERYONE is having an awesome summer!!! Been horrible here ..."

chopt_liver commented on: "Undercover Cop Shoots Gang Member In Sting".

"LOVE IT when the GOOD GUYS win!! Soooo thankful that the UC got to go home to his family!! Dunno why we continue to waste taxpayer's money taking t..."

June 13
chopt_liver commented on: "Juan Jaquez".

"Hey Juan! Thanks for the add! Sorry it took me so long to answer - I havent been around. If ya ever need help figuring out a DL, give us a call! St..."

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