A great man to know and respect awsome sweet heart Nice friend wonderful person with a HUGE heart Ive known Carl for several years Met at the Orange County SWAT RoundUp Very kind professional man Fellow Veteran Thank You For Your Service One of the greatest most supportive men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing You are an awesome sweetheart National Asset Serves and Serves His Nation a person who has just befriended me and I feel like hes very nice and respecting A Great American Great with WordsKind Hearted Warrior Dedicated Professional Blue to the Bone American Patriot Brave Hard Charger Air Force Veteran Guardian of Freedom Proud to Know Decorated Veteran Thanks for your service God Bless you A MAN OF HONOUR The bald eagle A True Humanitarian SP HOOAH my Brother in the Blue Beret A very special man with alot of insight compassion supportiveness not afraid to give you a kick in the butt Awesome Guy Thanks for your Service An Honor to our Nation Great friend and fellow veteran I am proud of having him as my dear and true friend TRUE AMERICAN HERO glad to have him on our side warior friend to all My Snowbird Brother form another mother keeping it safe down there THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICES A good friend and true brother Thanks For Protecting Serving Impressive Ribbons SERVICE ALWAYS APPRECIATED police veteran Policevet Proud to call him a friend TRUE FRIEND Much appreciated Fellow Veteran and True Warrior XOXO Cute and Smart REAL AMERICAN HERO God Bless You Elite confused camel jockey TRUE COMIC Member of the CNR Group LEO BRO A Selfless Patriot who continues in service My Big Borther For Life a true American and fellow patriot A giant among the pyramids Professional camel trainer Thanks for your dedicated service fellow vet one of the greatest LEOs I know awesome man needs a new camel his broke down Southern Brother A BRAVE HERO and GREAT EXAMPLE GOD BLESS A Generous and True Brother God Bless My SF brother HOOAH KICK THEIRS AND COVER YOURS True American defender Leads from the front We exist becuase of people like this Hooah and thank you my Brother Honored to have you as a friend I am forever in your debt for your service to our country Brother in Christ a Gentleman and a Cheerful Giver Carl sir you are a Giant among men you are worthy of all that you have on this earth your service is over and beyond and deeply appreciated I salute you for your professional demenor and strong sense of humor you are one of Gods Chosen Servants because of you Americans can walk proudly and enjoy their paid for freedom in the USA I am strongly honored to have you as my friend on Police Link AMERICAN BAD ASS A DEDICATED BROTHER MILITARY AND LAWENFORCEMENT I AM PROUD TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND A BROTHER VET FLORIDAS FINEST Thank you for your protection A GREAT GUY WHO OFFERS HIS FRIENSHIP NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE AM SO PROUD TO BE YOUR FRIENDGOD BLESS STAY SAFE ALWAYS BELINDA GREAT FEIEND TO KNOW WITH A HUGE HEART SOUL GIVES WITH HIS HEART TRUE BLUE AND GOD BLESS Proud of this warriors service Though he walks through the valley of the shadow of death he shall fear no evil but he will cuff it and Miranda it before he throws it in his cruiser A MAN OF HONOR AND KINDHEARTED BLESSED TO CALL YOU FRIEND One of the best bosses Ive had HONORED TO CALL A FRIEND AND BROTHER His AF Service is appreciated and Im grateful to have such a fine gentleman in our fine Military Top Shelf kinda guy Deeply Honored to be Invited by Carl to become His Friend Think Carl and I Will Be Able to Swap Some War Stories and He Has the Same First Name As My Brother So I Know He Is a Good Man Thanks for your dedicated and faithful service fellow vet and good luck in all you do Has got my back Funny a fellow brother in arms who also proudly served in the US Air Force ROLE MODEL3 PROUD TO KNOW AND SAY HOW MUCH HE IS MY FRIEND A VERY WISE MAN WITH A HEART THAT UNDERSTANDS SOMEONE ITS A HONOR TO KNOW AND GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS IM PROUD THAT YOU ARE MY FRIEND A great friend to know