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professional security managment Warrior Dedicated Professional Beautiful Hard Charger Blue to the Bone Proud to Know American Patriot Sister in Christ Appreciate your faithful service in a very important area of Law Enforcement God Bless Wonderful new friend caring person Lovely lady I would add more but just met herIm sure shes all of the above very likable One of A Kind SUCH A PLEASURE TO KNOW sweet funny amusing new friend great new friend fantastic smile A very lovely person to know and be friends with A cherished and kind friend Awesome PL Friend Very Proud to Know My sweet lil baby sis who has a fantastic smile SWEETHEART CUTIE PIE OUTSTANDING FRIEND TO KNOW A TRUE WARRIOR DEDICATED TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS One of my very best PL friends Has a true heart of gold VERY THOUGHTFUL AND CARING PERSON A One in a Million May God Bless Your Pathway Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons and daughters of God and an all around great humane being that I am proud to have as my friend SISTER IN ARMS I have found her to a real peach but buttercup will do as well MY BESTEST FRIEND ON THIS HERE POOTER THANG FER SHER LOL Walk in glory in the shadow of God SWEET SPIRIT AND HEART OF GOLD A Friend for all time a very beautiful and caring person inside and out when her world is crashing down around her she still takes time to make sure others are okay Bernadette Scavitto is definate proof that God makes angels Loved dearly and missed badly when shes gone May Gods angels embrace you at this time and always Sorry I just opened that for PL friends only but having some computer problems too so will try to fix this because I may Lv in the next couple days will let you know THANKS for being Such a Wonderful PL Friend TTYS God Bless you and keep you covered AN ONLINE FRIEND 2ND TO NONE One of the nicest people that Ive had the previlage of having as a friend thanks Bernadette MAY GOD BLESS YOUR HEART MAY GOD Keep a SHIELD of PROTECTION around YOU Special FRIEND Special HEART Stay SAFE and GOD BLESS A credit to the Security Profession It doesnt seem possible but she just get sweeter and sweeter all the time A Security Officer A Warrior Princess Working Private Stay Safe And Watch Your 6 OClock Much Respect An Honor To Know And Have As A Friend FRIEND A Cut Above A true friend to help pass the long and boring nights A BEACON IN THE NIGHT I LOVE HER A KIND CARING SWEET FRIEND DEDICATED ANGEL My darkside buddy D Bern and John share what everyone else should pattern themselves and their relations after A BUTTON IN THE CAP OF KINDNESS A button in the cap of kindnrss Strong and willing to share the Darkside A FRIEND ABOVE ALL FRIENDS BEAUTIFUL MOTHER CARING SENSATIVE STRONG GOD FEARING WOMAN GREAT FRIEND DESERVES BETTER KIND Bernadette Scavitto Your a very wonderful and sweet person and your also all that Your the best