Tags for Cheryl Malone

Dedicated Professional Ex Deputyvery good thing Fact finder Cheryl is very smart professional and Loves what she does Shes THE BEST professional and Loves what she does Shes THE BEST Sweetheart Down 2 Earth Hardworker The Best Assistant Hey girl how you been doing Thanks for the all the good things you do I LL WORK FOR YOU ANY TIME ANY WHERE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH CHIEF KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK I LOVE A WOMAN WITH A GUN IN CHARGE SHE IS A CERTIFIED DRUG DOG An honor to have as a friend glad she is on the good side A awesome caring PL member Checking for our security Very Kind Good Heart EVERY DAY AMERICAN HERO PROUD TO CAL FRIEND THE ONE TO HAVE ON YOUR SIDE AT ANYTIME Warrior Dedicated Professional American Patriot Brave Hard Charger Blue to the Bone Proud to Know Chief Beautiful Friendly Sincere Allergic to marijuana A certified drug dog Good job Cheryl saw your drug bust You did learn something from me hahaha take care A TRUE SWEETHEART AWSOME AND BLESSED A true friend I am blessed to know her A sister in Christ Im proud to know her Proudly Serving and Protecting BIG HELP goes out of her way to help the rookie thanks so much A warrior from Marble Hill PD Thanks for your service God Bless you and your family Stay safe So proud to know youre my friend God bless you Youre neat WONT EAT FROG BUTTS Awesome Investigator A True American Hero Hell Fighter On 4 Wheels The Kind Of Warrior You Want On Your Side Cheril A very special person it si nice to have a new friend such as yourself be safe Wonderful mother Will take care of you before she takes care of her self A Warrior Taught me how to be a good dispatcher One of A Kind An exemplary officer EATS BAD GUYS FOR BREAKFAST PRESSES ON True and Loyal Crackerjack Cop Supportive COULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT HER Bloomfield Guardian Angel Sister in Christ Armed Forces Supporter Proud Mom Missouris Finest