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Cullman, AL
December 31, 1955
Corrections / Probation / Parole Officer
Considering a Police Career


Martial Arts, Cycling
Favorite Movies:
Fireproof, Facing the Giants
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Music:
Classical, Jazz, Blues

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May 18
bpatterson55 commented on: "Man Dies After Police Use Taser On Him".

"In a nearby Alabama community, a LEO used his taser on elderly people if they did not comply with his orders. the press reported these cases as abu..."

bpatterson55 joined the group "Inside the Walls of the DOC".

Inside the Walls of the DOC

bpatterson55 commented on: "Boston Officer Suspended for Ticketing State Lawmakers".

"I was not aware that LEOs had to be politically correct while performing their duty (which, by the way, includes the protection of said legislators)."

May 01
bpatterson55 commented on: "Officer Who Contracted Disease Saving Baby Comes Home Aft...".

"Im praying for Lt. Beach's rapid recovery. You have offered a great sacrifice in the line of duty. Thank God for your anonymes donor. God bless bot..."

April 13
bpatterson55 reviewed the product: "BIBLE".

"This is God's Word. Without it is imposible to keep the propper balance in your live. Especially in LE, this book - the best #1 Bestseller ever - h..."


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