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How Do You Handle Danger? taken about 8 years ago

You handle danger with Courage


Stew Smith's Fitness Challenge taken over 8 years ago

Super Fit


Birmingham, AL
Federal Officer / Agent
Actively Serving (has access to L.E. restricted areas)


Patch Collecting, Badge Collecting, Football, Baseball, Shooting, Cycling, I enjoy working out and just being active.Traveling, I Love to Go!!!
Favorite Movies:
A Few Good Men/Tears Of The Sun / John Q / The Green Mile /Swawshank Redemption / Blazing Saddles /Love Jones/
Favorite TV Shows:
ESPN, The Beverly Hillbillies, Sanford & Son, Anything on the History or Discovery Channel
Favorite Music:
All Types

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  • Camndad_max50


    about 8 years ago

  • Camndad_max50


    about 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add, Stay Safe!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 8 years ago

  • srodep2061

    about 8 years ago

    You are awesome, partner, thanks a million for your friendship! Stay well out there. Bob


  • Ff_logo_1_max50


    about 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add!!

  • Zee-2_max50


    about 8 years ago

    Thank you for the friendship Andre. Stay safe stay alert watch your six......

  • 13600008_max50


    about 8 years ago

    Andre, Hello from Richmond VA and thanks for being a part of my on-line family here on Police Link. I really do appreciate it. If there is ever anything I can do for you here in my area, just let me know and I will do all I can for you. Take care of yourself and always be safe out there. David

  • S58213772_30634940_3172_max50


    about 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add, stay safe out there!!! -Cory-

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 8 years ago

    Thanks for the invite!

  • Photo_user_banned_big


    about 8 years ago

  • Image_max50


    about 8 years ago

    Thanks for the Invite brother.

  • Sgte1_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Thanksgiving Pictures, Images and Photos

  • 75cf81bb-0b5d-44d7-9170-f3b8638ad88b_max50


    over 8 years ago

    For all the people that still protest, you welcome.
    We protect you and you are protected by the best,
    Your voice is strong and loud, but who will fight for you?
    No one standing in your crowd.

    We are your fathers, brothers and sons,
    Wearing the boots and carrying the guns,
    We are the ones that leave all we own,
    To make sure that your future is carved in stone.

    We are the ones who fight and die.
    We may not be able to save the world, but at least we try.
    We walked the paths to where we are at.
    And we want no choice other than that.

    So when you rally your group to complain
    take a look in the back of your brain.
    In order for that flag you love to fly,
    wars must be fought and young men must die.

    We came here to fight for the ones we hold dear,
    If that's not respected then we'd rather stay here.
    So, please stop yelling and put down your signs,
    And pray for those behind enemy lines.

    When conflict is over and all is well,
    Be thankful that we chose to go through hell.

    Author Unkown

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  • Img077_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add, take care and stay safe. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a great weekend

  • 2008_0912makeup030004_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Hi Andre, thanks for all the nice comments. I hope you and your family have a very nice Thanksgiving. Peace.