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Bremerton, WA
Considering a Police Career


Football, Baseball, Hockey, Shooting, Fishing, Hunting, I would like to know martial arts for sure!
Favorite Movies:
Rush hour series, Oceans 11,12, and 13, Boondock Saints, Lord of The Rings trilogy, Four brothers, S.W.A.T, Bakki, ButterFly effect, War, Erragorn, Gone Fishing, Up The creek without A Paddle, that should be ok for now.
Favorite TV Shows:
News, Espn, History Channel.. Lost, CSI, House, Cribs
Favorite Music:
Reggie, Islander, Jazz, Rap, 80's, Rock

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February 15
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aaronsswat posted in: "Fight Quest".

lavamarine said:The show is some what like Human Weapon. Entertaining. These guys have experience before they get into each discipline. it is all ...

aaronsswat has posted: "Is working out an alternitive for boredom?".

Everytime I plan to excersise it is usually related to boredom. Most occasions working myself into ephoria or just throwing up a couple times to re...

aaronsswat posted in: "What do you do to stay fit?".

Unrelated here, Is excersise not just a means to compete with boredom? I mean when I get bored I go run until I cannot stand or throw up atleast 3 ...

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