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LOVES LIFE great Mom SOLID CHRISTIAN MISSED ON THE RADIO always has a smile for you Appreciate your past service Stay safe God Bless you and your family An exemplary American like noone else so proud to know you Beautiful smile Even the Police from Texas think your gorgeous A mothers strength GUARDIAN ANGEL MAY THE PEACE OF THE LORD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS GOTTA MISS THE PSAP Awesome person a true one of a kind lady Someone you want to know Someone you want around you The kind of wife or mother that everyone should have A special friend and sister Sister in Christ Strength and Dignity Valued far above Pearls Loving Sister honored warrior hard working beautiful person AWESOME SENSE OF HUMOR SHE ROCKS THE PLACE and she is an awesome friend and a wonderful person a real inspiration Another Diving Bud A BEAUTIFUL FRIEND Always there for me A LEOs PRIMARY LINE OF SURVIVAL ON THE STREETS GOD BLESS ALL DISPATCHERS WITHOUT YOU SOME OF MIGHT NOT HAVE RETURNED HOME SHE IS SPECIAL Lori is a very dedicated family woman Supportive of her husband and family She contributes so much to the fabric of this nation May God bless her for that she has done in His Name I am so fortunate to have a friend such as Lori on this amazing site Thanks Lori and blessing to you your serving husband and beautiful family SUPER SPOUSE SUPPORTER Lori and family are EXACTLY what God intended a family to be if there were words to describe them not enough could be said YET ANOTHER SPARKLY GRAPHICS GIVER OH NOOOOO The chick that needs English lessons before she leaves tributes hahaha just messing with your psyche Amazing Woman CUTE Pretty Lori is positive proof that there is a God as goodness shines through her for all to see Good mOtivator Great to talk to great person Great source of Encouragement and Inspiration Southern Belle one of a kind