Tags for SuzieQ Citizen Cope

Beautiful Heart and Soul Wonderful and Inspirational MISCHIEVOUS SMILE beautiful woman great to know good hart Very Attractive Very pretty smile beautiful funny and cute VERY SWEET HAS A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY SHE A QUEENS QUEEN GREAT WOMAN SUPPORTS US TROOPS WELCOME TO MY FAMILY GIVES FROM THE HEART a beautiful woman with a good hart vary careing of others and great friend Thanks for your support to all LE officers God Bless you Very Beautiful honest hard working women dedicated to supporting me a very special person that is awesome in many ways Pretty Eyes A warm hearted Queen and awesome friend loyal and Patriotic American A truly special Lady with an L Southern Belle A Wonderful Woman Wonderful American Member of the CNR Group LEO Supporter Oh Ya Ill do better your a Great American God Bless Sister A Real Sweety A true Southern Belle Sweet and beautiful Caring and supportive great shoulder to cry on good listener honest straight forward answers and a great friend thank you for being a great friend on Pl True Friend Awsome girl Thanks for the support SImply the BEST A Sweetheart Great Lady She supports CLINT and H with is Shades on and off TBW Truly Beautiful Woman My PL Friend Beautiful lady and great sense of humor A Sweet Person Overall My PL Chica Attentive Great with Conversation Glad to have you as a friend A BELL TOTALLY SWEET THROUGH AND THROUGH Great funny pics Southern Sister Half Pint Friend of Elvis Georgia Peach really cute dimples Cutest fisherwoman in the south Proud American Beautiful lady both inside and out cute dimple proud to call a friend kind and caring heart a real character witty and fun A friend deep down where it counts Just feel blessed to be here friend wonderful person inside out god bless you in all you do always makes you feel better for having known her a natural force of goodness in the world the thought of her makes you smile in the face of trouble My bestie A great honor to be friends with Will do anything for or with her any time an angle warm thoughtful and giving of herself tough good hearted leads by example beautiful inside and out what more can I say she rules a beautiful soul who touches all she meets A great person with a heart of gold You do deserve me What did you do wrong A GREAT FRIEND TO HAVE A PL PROTECTOR Friend with Heart of Gold my favorite georgia sugarplum GIRL POWER Cutest freckles this side of the Mason Dixon line sexy dimples great eyes beautiful shoulders Sweet Peach Honored to be your friend A beautiful wonderful person Amazing person A true and amazing friend A southern friend that I can count on no matter what Kickin Butts in a fuzzy sweater wonderful new friend in a neighboring state new friend and a Georgia Hottie leo supporter TROLL BASHER GREAT FRIEND A person one can talk too A special heart glad to have as a true friend A Awesome Gorgoeus Southern Belle with Heart of Gold One Super Lady Gypsy Gypsy love the Steve Nicks pic One big bear hug with pats on the back A true friend in more than one way thanks Braveheart MY PARTNER IN CRIME A GREAT FRIEND AND I THANK YOU FOR THAT WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT U One fine super lady She put a smile on my face Thank you is all I can say I am wiser and more knowledgable because of you A PERFECT COMBO An imp from back in the day Listed in the LOOK Magazine under Southern Hotties and Foxes My Friend Queen of HotLanta Warriors Heart Outstanding Police Supporter American Patriot Beautiful Kind Caring Movie Buff Poetry Lover Proud to Know Sister in Christ Daughter of the South Police Family Member you are an okay person Super sense of humor An Amazing Friend troll huntress MY BIG SIS AND CONFIDANT Georgia sky on a clear summer night Keeps Georgia on my Mind you sexy thing My Best PL Friend Would Be Lost Without Her A truly exceptional woman dazzlingly beautiful takes your breath away One of the people I have met in a long time Dont ever change Can make you smile on your worst day takes my breath away Words dont do this lady justice The only one of her kind My Sweetheart So Very Glad to have You in My Life There arent any words to describe how you make me feel OMG You are perfection Thnank You saids a lot A very true and gracious friend that I enjoy talking too very much Wonderful sense of humor and a great friend A beautiful person inside and out great respect for her My lovely special one I am yours your a great police link friendif you know what I mean DIMPLES RULE Your the best PL friend I could have Dynomite FUZZY THE ONE AND ONLY ONE A lady with a heart of gold The Best person that ever came out of Georgia Glad to have you as my friend beautiful smile someone you can count on Dimples My Beautiful Love AWSOME just AWSOME sweetest friend a man could ask for a dear southern saint a beautiful Georgia Peach OWB chica my new PL sister YOU ROCK THE MOST WONDERFUL WOMAN THERE IS A TRUE BLESSING TO KNOW THE BEST OF THE BEST fuzzy wuzzy was a bear fuzzy wuzzy had no hair fuzzyw wuzzy wasnt fuzzy fun friendly great pl friend we can whack together if you know what I mean I DONT KNOW WHAT ID DO WITHOUT YOU Suzann these are only a few of what I could find to send that what I think fits you closely I love you Fuzzy fuzzy cumquat THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AN HONOR HAVING YOU AS A FRIEND AND STRONG SUPPORTER WE ALL APPRECIATE YOU YOU MAKE UP FOR THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS THROWN AT US I willl miss you very much my friend Georgia Beauty Queen fuzzmiester Suzanne is so hot shes on the fire marshalls most wnated fugitive list and she sets off sprinklers just by walkin by Smokin hot special lady Heres a little somin somin for you too o NATURAL BEAUTY Thanks for the support take care Real Southern Belle STAY GOOD Truly Gorgeous Sexy Smart and Sweet Couldnt ask for better super sweet lady Great PL friend Beauty and brains Great friend Remembers to Stay Good U cant help but like her as soon as U talk 2 her Sorry to hear about the smelting accident Fail Queen YOULL ALWAYS BE MY FUZZY SISTER My favorite LE supporter Glad to have her as a PL friend awesome personality beautiful woman inside and out True Southern Belle Dedicated to Family Excellent Friend So Funny Kick A Sense O Humor Great Friend Shes a keeper Thanks for the support sweety Divine xOx My favourite Georgia girl xx Gracious PL Friend sweet heart Fellow LEO Supporter Honored Her Friend the best friend anyone could ever want super sweet personality above all the rest My Special Lady Dog lover through and through Gives dogs 2 thumbs up Canine supporter A THOUGHTFUL CHRISTIAN LADY Always good seeing you around PL Best PL Friend A gift from God STILL FUZZY Most Excellent Bunny Hunter A true sister friend and warrior for Justice A wonderful and beautiful lady indeed Starbuck My favorite PL member HEYNOW throws baseballs like a girl poopy MY FAVORITE CITIZEN COPE My 1 favorite My kinda girl My number 1 favorite A WOMAN TO BEHOLD A FRIEND THAT IS CONCIDERED TO BE REAL Has a smile that could brighten the darkest days another random tribute My favorite photo critic incredible lady Southern sweetheart The most beautiful lady in the world Secretly cant wait until Justin Bieber is 18 Suzie is level headed sense of humor sharp and top notch friend and added bonus from the South A Very Special Person In My Life Completely An Awesome Friend Thank You For Everything Thanks For All You Do My uncle was one of the longest held POWs in nam I am proud he survived it with his extensive injuries Has the voice of an Angel SOMEONE WHO KNOWS THE TRUE MEANING OF FRIENSHIP HAS THE HEART OF ANGEL KIND TO EVERYONE HAS A HEART OF GOLD GLAD WERE FRIENDS GOD BLESS STAY SAFE ALWAYS FOREVER your waaay too nice to me Living today anchored in Gods solid foundation Just simply a beautiful person through and through A lady that can make one feel humble in the support she gives as well as being a true fox of foxes And Thank You A Very Strong Woman the sweetest woman ive ever met on PL and one that I have the honor to call a friend An awesome friend with pretty eyes HEYNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW