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How Well Do You Know the FBI? taken almost 4 years ago

Not too bad. You got 70 - 80% correct.


Do You Know Your 10-Codes? taken over 4 years ago

51-75% correct


The TV Cop Quiz taken almost 5 years ago

Special Agent Fox Mulder

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October 27
StrykerBrig21 posted in: "Karbon MPID vs. Taser".

 I believe that is what my department is looking at getting. That's pretty awesome 2 at a time!! I like that. 

October 23
StrykerBrig21 posted in: "Pennsylvania LE".

 Thanks MIKIESPLACE! Appreciate the lead brother. 
Uncle D, didn't know there was a board. Still not sure how the whole training and certifica...

StrykerBrig21 gave a thumbs up to The Post "Pennsylvania LE".
October 22
StrykerBrig21 posted: "Pennsylvania LE".

 Okay I'm looking for some info and help from my PA Police brothers. I'm looking into moving back home to the great state of Pennsylvania and would...

StrykerBrig21 posted in: "Karbon MPID vs. Taser".

 Well this didn't take long. Karbon Arms taser that was out for less than a year is  no longer being used in law enforcement. Karbon Arms was sued ...