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Warrior Dedicated Professional Blue to the Bone Hard Charger Malta Patriot Veteran Officer Proud to Know Retired and enjoying life Thank You for Your Service My New Brother Great Trader Appreciate your past service God Bless you and your family Gaurdian of Malta A man of his word Proud to call my Friend Protects and Serves Admirably Nice Great New Friend on PL Kind and friendly Outstanding Professional Has a cool mustache LOL LOYAL TRUE FRIEND OF MINE DEDICATED A true professionalGod be with you Sgt Joe Member of the CNR Group LEO BRO Nice Stache Honest Trader HERE YOU STAND LET THE TOUR BEGIN Rock Solid My Good Friend a true hero in every sense a man of god gentleman beloved husband and father and an old hand at law enforcement Classy Fellow ONE GREAT GUY I LOVE YOU MAN Honest Patch Trader May God Bless you and yours always my friend Awsom man of GOD BLUE KNIGHT OF MALTA Hello Sir Please help me to either unstick my account or delete it as I have no purpose on it if I am unable to contribute or do anything but I do Thank You and PL for the short time on it and Take Care Have a Great and Safe Day Every Day to All of You Take Care THANKS So Much Wish I had more friends Llike Joe Wishing you the best THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE IN THE PURSUIT OF PEACE AND HARMONY Glad to be your friend KICK THEIRS AND COVER YOURS The Brotherhood of Malta International Friend Brother In Blue Protector of Malta God Bless you Sir dedicated warrior in blue Extremely Intelligent Gentleman AWESOME GENTLEMAN Excellent Photographer Bless my PL friend A True American Hero A prayer warrior FAMILY IN CHRIST JESUS One Dedicater Retired Veteran Police Officer And One Hell Of A Teacher An Outstanding Friend Awsome LEO True Man of God Stay Safe TRUE BLUE A clever person who turns great troubles into little ones and little ones into none at all Old school LEO Remembers how it once was and how it should be One of the best friends I have on PL