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Scott2540: Quiz Results


What Kind of Police Cruiser Are You? taken about 6 years ago

You'd be a Dodge Charger


Good Cop / Bad Cop taken about 7 years ago

Bad Cop


2nd Amendment Shootout taken about 7 years ago

Pro 2nd Amendment


Copper or Hosehead taken about 7 years ago

LEO All the Way


The TV Cop Quiz taken about 7 years ago

Special Agent Fox Mulder


Tacoma, WA
Corrections / Probation / Parole Officer
Actively Serving
Relationship Status:


Collecting Coca Cola Antiques/Items
Favorite Movies:
To many to list
Favorite TV Shows:
Family Guy, NCIS, CSI, Mythbusters, Battelstar Galactica
Favorite Music:
Country and my satellite radio

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Scott2540: Activity

February 19
November 30
July 28
Scott2540 commented on: "Hot Pursuit - Police Chase A burining Truck".

"Very good shot!! Running and taking aim at a moving target. Excellent!!"

June 25
Scott2540 commented on: "Woman Calls 911, Then Keys Police Car".

"Is the same lady that called 911 because McD's ran out of chicken nuggets??"

June 10
Scott2540 commented on: "Police Officer Tases Great Grandmother".

"The Officer followed P&P and all safety procudres. Good job on handling her."

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