Tags for Tim Miller

OUT SPOKEN HONEST S T O R M Excellent Leader Committed Chosen by GOD buncombe county guardian Stormtrooper old school GENUINE DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS Tells it like it is BELLOWS Tactical Genius GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR WARRIOR STAY SAFE BROTHER ONE COOL PERSON KEEP YOU SENSE OF HUMOR AS IT MAKES LIFE MORE ENJOYABLE Fellow Blue Line Sentinel Outspoken HOOAH awesome AIRBORNE WALL PAINTER Team Leader 82nd Sergeant of the Year SMARTASS BCSO FINEST Outstanding Sgt always respectful to his ELDERS KICK THEIRS AND COVER YOURS Sweet Heart Great New Friend Got Law Enforcement In His Blood God Bless You Has An Awesome Tattoo Wonderful And Caring Dad Honored and Priviledged To Be Your Friend Elite Godsend Awesome Dude Great Father WARRIOR I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU WHEN I GROW UP A Airborne Brother In Arms A True Combat Hero A Hard Charger A true warrior A Great LEO Great Professional Angel from above Thank you for an outstanding job Stay safe A Professional God bless your pathway Got our backs 24 hrs 7 days a week Brother in Arms PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS I WANT TO BE LIKE HIM WHEN I GROW UP TIMMY IS FUNNIER THAN A FART IN A SPACESUIT A Fellow Warrior A Kick Ass Cop God Bless CHILD IN AN ADULTS BODY YOU WILL TURN GRAY ONE OF THESE DAYS TIMMY Grave Yard Digger GOD BLESS YOUR PATHWAY A DEDICATED BROTHER MILITARY AND LAWENFORCEMENT I AM PROUD TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND A BROTHER VET Assume nothing and always know what is going on around you and partner brother MY PIGLET DEPENDS MODEL Walker Workout for Wimps Champ Young Buck Lets go FISHING A true southern gentleman Signal 20