Tags for Alessa

Dedicate Professional Angel on the other end of the radio awesome dispatcher and person Keeps all of us safe out there Total Sweetheart A great catch for any guy Beautiful and Classy True Guardian Angel Can make anyone smile Beautiful Inside and Out MY DISPATCH BUDDY ADORABLE A BEAUTIFUL PERSON HOPE U FIND MR RIGHT Amazing Smart and Beautiful Thanks For ALL THAT YOU DO Appreciate your faithful service in a very important area of Law Enforcement God Bless Stick with it and study hard when you get to the Academy Youll do GREAT Sweet girl you guys out there watch out for her and keep her safe MY FAVORITE DISPATCHER My best buddy sexy as hell snoozer LOL FOXY LADY Guardian Angel Pretty Smile Sweet SEXY a total sweetheart a total sweetheart AMERICAN PATRIOT absolutely beautiful MY HERO dedicated my guardian angel RESPECTED great friend THE SMILE SAYS IT ALL a sweetheart MAY GOD BLESS YOUR PATHWAY friendly a real friend Appreciate your service A BEAUTIFUL SMILE A heart of gold VERY DEDICATED Hottie GREAT FRIEND TO KNOW ANGEL FROM ABOVE True blue STAY SAFE ALWAYS Very Beautiful TRUE WARRIOR God bless always Truly special in everyway and one of a kind sweet lady Got our back 24 hours and 7 days a week Outstanding dispatcher Angel from above Sweet friend PILOT OF THE AIRWAVES Department Shift Watch Protector Sister for LE Warming Smile Your our life line on the front line Thank you Sweet Texas Angel Dedicated Professional Radio Angel Blue to the Bone Hard Charger Sister in Christ Beautiful Proud to Know Texas Tough My Big Sister Spirit Lifter She can tell me where to go anytime Angel of the Airwaves Gods Angel On Air Great Friend Our Hero BEAUTIFUL WOMAN