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May God Bless Your Pathway A Hard Charger Great Crime Figther Angel from above Thank you for an outstanding job Stay safe A Professional Got our backs 24 hrs 7 days a week Fights the good fight behind the jail cell walls Warrior Dedicated Professional Hard Charger Blue to the Bone American Patriot Proud to Know Brother in Christ Gang Buster Proud CO Good friend to have My New Brother May God Bless You In All You Do True Blue Warrior Fighting Gangs in America A brother in the fight against criminal street and prison gangs A Warrior Keeping The Mutts Safe From Us Cops LOL Stay Safe Proudly Serving and Protecting Fighting the battle from within the walls Blessed Are The Peacemakers A True motivator Noble Warrior Fellow Corrections Warrior Corrections brother honored to call him friend Rusty is one person everyone on this site should get to know nobody is more dedicated to having a gang free world Standing out so that others can stand up God Bless You Keep up the good fight and watch your six Brother in blue KICK THEIRS AND COVER YOURS Rusty youre appreciated beyond words for the manner by which you perform your duty over and beyond the call to duty Keep up the great job that you do Awesome LE Officer May God bless your Pathway for what you do Blue to the bone GOD BLESS YOUR PATHWAY Armed Forces Supporter Floridas Finest extremely accomplished officer Not only talks but evidently walks the walk a leader who sets the bar high motivating through example obviously It Takes Balls To Work Behind The Walls Thank You for Protecting Serving My sis lives in FL