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Rogers0704: Quiz Results


The PoliceLink Career Coach taken over 3 years ago

Detective / Special Agent

Rogers0704: References

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Rogers0704: Activity

May 17
Rogers0704 received the quiz result of "Detective / Special Agent".
April 19
Rogers0704 commented on: "Perp Turns On Officers".

"lol these cops looked like a bunch of cowards to me it is a shame they should have handled this situation with no problem see that it is 3 on 1. Bu..."

April 15
Rogers0704 commented on: "Officer Working on Undercover Drug Team Took Bribe".

"He gives every other officer a bad name."

April 14
Rogers0704 commented on: "10-Year-Old Boy Survives Mother's Hudson River Nightmare".

"that is so sad I have two small children myself I couldn't even imagin"

April 12
Rogers0704 commented on: "City's Largest Manhunt Ends In Arrest of Cop-Killing Boy".

"in a sense it is sad because this is a child but on the other hand he was a p.o.s. in training"

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  • K9-wallpaper_max50


    over 3 years ago


    Hoping you have a great week. Stay safe.

  • Me__mr


    almost 4 years ago


    Hey Michael--Thanks for the add. Nice to meet you. Hope the weekend was good for you. Time to get on to a productive week. Be safe and have a great week ahead. Carl

  • K9-wallpaper_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    Thanks for the add.