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WELCOME TO PL GOD BLESS YOUR PATHWAY HERO Appreciate your past and present service in very important areas of Law Enforcement Stay safe God Bless you and your partner Thank You For Protecting And Serving Admirably Much Appreciated Honored to have him as a friend WONDERFUL CARING NEW FRIEND GOD BLESS YOU It is with a distinguished sense of honor and ethical integrity that I am friends with Robert and Kudro they both serve in an area needed badly in our society today their uselfishness is second to nobody theyre impeccable service is recognized by their agency and fellow servants serving in society theyre true blue to the bone warriors with deep caring attitudes theyre service is deeply appreciated beyond words they both offer love security and hope to those that know them and see their unselfish risk to prevent protect and secure their homes streets and society God bless Robert and Kudro stay safe and you Walk Tall in my eyes VERY CARING FOR EVERYONE GOD BLESS STaY SAFE PROUD TO BE HIS FRIEND AGREAT PERSON TO KNOW A ANIMAL LOVER SERVES AND PROTECTS UNSELFISHLY CARES FOR OTHERS WALKS THE WALKS ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO KNOW HOW OTHERS ARE FEELING JUST BY HIS WORD A PERSON I AM PROUD TO KNOW ON PL AND AS A FRIEND ALSO A DEDICATED BROTHER MILITARY AND LAWENFORCEMENT I AM PROUD TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND A BROTHER VET Assume nothing and always know what is going on around you and partner brother TWO GRAT ONES THAT I AM PROUD TO BE ON THEIR SIDE AN OUTSTANING PAIR ONLY THEY HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO PROTECT EACH OTHER SOMEONE WHO SHOWS HOW PROUD OF HOW HE IS TO BE WORKING WITH SUCH A GREAT PARTNER A BEAUTIFUL LIFE OF TWO SPECIAL PROTECTORS TWO GREAT OFFICERS PARTERS TO KNOW AND WOULDNT MIND MEETING THEM JUST TO SHAKE THEIR HAND AND PAW KNOWING SUCH GREAT PARNERSHIP WE KNOW WITH THESE TWO WE ARE PROTECTED FOR LIFE FOREVER MAY GOD BE WATCHING YOU BOTH SOMEONE WHO HAS SUCH KIND WORDS FOR OTHERS PENNSYLVANIAS FINEST Thanks for your dedicated and faithful service fellow Army vet good luck in everything you do Thank you for serving in the Army and Law Enforcement means a lot to have people like you Great Friend and K9 Comraderie Thank You for service to our Country and to the Law Enforcement Community Thank You for all that you do Thank you for your service to this country Warrior Dedicated Professional Hard Charger Blue to the Bone Army Veteran American Patriot Brother in Christ Proud to Know Pennsylvanias Finest Guardian of Freedom One Who Does Many Fine Things Protector of the People A Citizens Hero Proud K9 Officer while the walk is far and few between attain it Rob Lewis and friend are there to help you find the right pathway