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Rhayden50: Quiz Results


How Do You Handle Danger? taken 10 months ago

You handle danger with Courage


How Well Do You Know the FBI? taken 10 months ago

Not so hot! Less than 60% correct!


Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Cop? taken 10 months ago

You’re a great fit for law enforcement. Let’s get you started!

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Police Patch


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Rhayden50: Activity

July 20
Rhayden50 commented on: LawdawgTRAV's photo: "SCREW THAT!!!".

"big snake I would of love to catch that one."

July 12
Rhayden50 posted: "K-9".

do any of you have a K-9 I wonder of this do you train along with the K-9 or are they trained then you learn to handle them. And when the K-9 is ...

July 10
Rhayden50 posted: "hunger strike in CA".

I don't understand some thing, I was watching something on AOL news and they had this rapper I think it wa a rapper to go through force feeding li...

July 09
Rhayden50 posted in: "taser".

I hear ya so now do you think the civilain taser is just as good as the police one or a taser is a taser as long as it works right. Any LEO ever us...

Rhayden50 posted: "taser".

Can a civilain get a police taser (tazer sp?) and do all officers have to be tasered, I would like to know what it is like how painful or ...I am c...

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