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paid his dues Still NYs finest even in retirement VETERAN OLD SCHOOL Respect those who without doubt give their heart and soul to make the streets a better place for all of us Peace love and thanks FELLOW WARRIOR BLUE TO THE BONE Thanks for your service God Bless you Stay safe Educated can cook and a Good Cop You cant ask for more TRUE FRIEND A great man excellent officer an officer with honor integrity and perception driven towards perfection Police veteran policevet glad to have a brother thankful he is one of us THE REAL DEAL AN OFFICER WHO HAS SMELLED THE SMOKE A HERO TO ME EVEN WITHOUT HAVING MET HIM Glad to be a friend to another great officer with a great first name A real inspiration They dont make em like they used to You guys set the standard that we are still trying to keep up with Thats the bad part of the 20 year retirement we loose hardened vets we need to start bankning pensions as a way to keep the experienced guys among us True Blue American If I could pick a partner it would be this guy WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SAY ABOUT THIS GUY HES JUST AN OUTSTANDING GENTLEMAN My Man Thanks for the Tribute but you guys retired guys are the Ones to Thank Silver Star Man A True Warrior Honest Deadliest Man With A Six Gun I Ever Saw NYPD A BREED LIKE NO OTHER From the Greatest Police Department in the World with the Greatest Mustache that epitomizes any Law Enforcement Officer 1 of 300 on the job even with you are retired Outstanding officer with a great stash sures out shines mine LAUGHS with flair AT ADVERSITY To a Blue Knight who earned his retirement Once a Knight in Blue always a Knight in Blue NEW YORKS FINEST Stay Frosty Brother WHAT A STRONG AND WONDERFUL MAN New Yorker Brothers in Blue Proudly Serving and Protecting Once A Cop Always A Cop Absolutely THE BEST A funny officer in blue proud to have him as my friend A Blessed Man Ralph it is a distinguished honor to be friends with a man of your professional unselfish aptitude and mental awareness of society and how best to serve preserve and protect it Thanks for your honorable friendship God Bless you my brother and please allow me to salute you An ATown brother who made his mark in NYC Wore the blues and paid his dues Take care as well and May God Bless youalwaysyou too A true warior in blue protector with a sense of humor a real gentleman wildcat Old School for all the right reasons U R A TRUE WORRIER Thanks and God Bless to you as well always go home with the same amount of holes you started with COME HOME SAFE BROTHER A REAL TRUE BLUE FRIEND Your a Great American great person NYPD Thank you for the kind words Wepa Easy on the Eyes An Old School True Blue Friend Through and Through A True Hero Leo with a Heart Honored and Loved By All Such A Sweetie The luckiest one among us a killer with the gals in Colombia One of a kind You Rock TRUE HERO and a REAL WARRIOR A true Shomer a guardian of all those in need NYC residents were lucky to have this true cop watching over them TRUE BLUE AMERICAN HERO A vets vet One of the Good Guys True Warrior Protector of the Innocent Good Friend on PL Thank You for Your Service A Retired Hard Charger One of Americas True Heros Brother in Blue Brother in blue who helped maintain the thin blue line Proud to be friends with this old timer I got your 6 Bro Set the standard of excellence and stuck to it A true Mensch Helpful Blessed be the Ralph C A Great American Good to be your friend again RalphGod bless you and the entire NYDD Veteran of the force Largest Mustache West of the East coast Gentlman and scholar Thank God For The Honorable Among Us Old time knuckle buster Did the job the hard way A true warrior GOD Bless my Friend Great friend and well respected warrior A Cops Cop Glad Youre On Our Side NYPD is definitely a breed like no other stay safe MUCH RESPECT TO YOU MY FRIEND AN NYPD COMRADE You and I can still touch lives stay safe your Brother God Bless you in your retirement Put the Finest in New Yorks Finest Stay True Stay Blue Fidelis ad Mortem Thank you Sir its my honor to have you as a law enforcement friend True Veteran Cop fedelis ad mortum KICK THEIRS AND COVER YOURS RETIRED WARRIOR BROTHER IN BLUE BLEEDS BLUE GREAT PERSON AND FRIEND i was born in the year you were hired wow it has changed im sure you know Thanks for your service God Bless High Speed Low Drag a true honor to the badge One of New Yorks Finest NY should be proud to have had you as an officer A Real Gentleman in Blue A Real Sweetheart A smile that would rock your world Kindness that would melt your heart Protection that would always keep you safe Amen BAD ASS WARRIOR KICKS SAND IN HIS OWN FACE NYCs finest dedicated warrior that cannot do wrong A real friend A believer in GOOD No matter how hot it is outside the streets are always cold A brother officer may St Michael watch over you Awesome LE Dedicated to the Cause Thankyou for your Service A Caring Person and glad to have him as friend A Cops Cop One of the finest of The Finest NYPD A really good person who should be commended for all the great things he has done and for all the great things he will do Pride and intelligenceCourage and Just A lucky guy who has passed through the fire good cook fantastic cookie duster FELLOW NYC BLUE BLOOD Old school warrior AN HONOR HAVING YOU AS A FRIEND AND FELLOW LEO Dedicated and Trustworthy Old warrior with a young heart Whatta man NYPDS Finest A Brother in Blue who has True Honor Keeps you Laughing God Speed Couldnt have a better friend in Blue thanks for the tag Proud to know The Man With A Heart Of Gold The Mayor of New York The REAL DEAL THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT IT MEANS ALOT HAVE A BLESS WEEK MY FRIEND I missed a great NYPD cop I wouldve loved to work with you A TRUE MAN A Fellow NYPD Warrior God Bless And Stay Safe Thankful that people of this Brothers caliber serve us God Bless You Brother Thank You For Your Service Would have been Honored to have him as a Partner NICE PERSOM TO GET TO KNOWA TRUE POLICE OFFICER GOD BLESS STAY SAFE ALWAYS FOREVER YOU AND yOUR FAMILY HE IS SO FRUGAL HE HAS A TUMBLE WEED FOR A PET GOOD FRIEND ALWAYS THERE FOR A BROTHER OR SISTER IN BLUE PL contest WINNER Great sense of humor 1 Moderator on PoliceLink The pleasure and honor to know you is all mine Thank you Couldnt have a better friend in Blue DRAG RACING FAN AT ONE TIME THOUGHT THE RAM CHARGERS WERE A BUNCH OF GUYS THAT GOT SHEEP ON CREDIT A SHARP SENSE OF HUMOR Proud to call him friend awesome Rafael my love Ralph taught Chuck Norris to be a bad ass Has brought soo much to PL and many members on here proud to know A great fella to know and a busy guy A strong and steady Guy WONDERFUL NEW PL FRIEND GLAD TO KNOW YOU SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN A FRIEND FROM THE START ON PL ALWAYS THERE FOR ME IF NEEDED AND OTHERS GREAT FATHER HUSBAND HAPPY HE IS MY FRIEND One of the Finest A Smoothe and Steady Guy A Sincerely Wonderful Daddy A real Sweetheart