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San Francisco, CA
Civilian / Other
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November 15
Nylo reviewed the product: "S&W M&P9C 9mm 3.5 Black 12R".

"My G26 now has a bit of competition. For my hand the M&P9C fits, and points better, plus the 12+1 is nice. I also have found, for me, it conceals..."

June 21
Nylo reviewed the product: "Springfield XD Tactical 9mm".

"Two words, "natural pointer." There is not another gun on the market that has a perfect hand feel than the XD. Add the Tactical's 5" barrel and ..."

Nylo reviewed the product: "Kahr p9".

"This has to be the ultimate CCW 9mm on the market. Small, slim, very light, and well made. You'll hardly notice you're wearing it. Now the down ..."

Nylo reviewed the product: "Glock 26".

"I have never been a Glock fan but I am a big fan of absolute reliability. The 26 is my primary CCW, though in the summer I usually opt for a singl..."

June 20
Nylo reviewed the product: "Smith & Wesson, Model 3913".

"I received my 3913 from my Dad years ago and since then it has been nothing but spectacular. As of date, not one jam... Even with the crappiest a..."


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