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Never_Again: Activity

October 28
Never_Again commented on: "Judges Order All Cops Entering Courthouse Searched".

"HAHAHAHA. What a joke....."

May 24
Never_Again commented on: "Ariz. Immigration Law Divides Police Across US".

"I LOVE Arizona! You ROCK!!! The rest of the nation needs to get some balls and follow suit. The feds will never do anything proactive about this ..."

March 25
Never_Again gave a thumbs down to The Article "Colorado Trooper Arrested for On-Duty DUI".
Never_Again commented on: "Colorado Trooper Arrested for On-Duty DUI".

"I don't know if he needed to get arrested for DUI or what the deal was. None of us know the details about the stop. But in this day and age, I am..."