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DEALS WITH THE SCUM OF SOCIETY YOU HAVE MY RESPECT BROTHER PROUD TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND AND A FELLOW LEO GOD BLESS AND BE SAFE BROTHER THOUGH I WALK THRU THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH I SHALL FEAR NO EVIL FOR I AM THE MEANEST SON OF A BITCH OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH Thanks For Your Contribution I read your profile and it looks like youve been busy Keep doing what youre doing and be careful American PATRIOT DEDICATED HONOR to Have You As a FRIEND WARRIOR THANK YOU for your SERVICES GOD BLESS YOUR PATHWAY A Big Apple brother FELLOW NEW YAWKA Thank you for the support and the add good leo friend Corrections Officer one of the hardest jods out there in NY A friend a brother a fellow COwe ride together we die together TRUE BLUE Protects and Serves Admirably In Very Needed Support Warrior Setting the Standard for Corrections Officers One of NYs Boldeest in the truest sense thanks for serving Enas Kanouryios Filos Mou A New Friend Another Greek American in Our Ranks YaSou kai Kalos Irtheis Kalo Taxidi Has Seen the Best and the Worst in People Dealing With a Difficult Topic A Fellow CO Stay Safe Fellow Warrior GOOD GUY For serving those who serve Thank you for all you do Good Friend Be Safe A Fellow Retired Warrior God Bless A Stay Safe Always Stay safe Thank u my Greek Brother A great person and worrior strong and brave Go your way in safety God bless you and the work you do DEALS WITH THE SCUM OF SOCIETY YOU HAVE MY RESPECT DEALS WITH THE SCUM OF SOCIETY YOU HAVE MY RESPECT A total Sweetheart Proud Warrior Protector of Protectors To Protect And Serve No one dose it better Stay safe and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY BIG GUY what can I say but WELL DONE keep it up my friend A gentleman