Tags for A. R. Constant

Appreciate your faithful service in a very important area of Law Enforcement God Bless Fellow veteran Appreciate your past service Thank You For Protecting and Serving Old time warrior who applies his smarts and courage in the Security industry guardfian of the public whatever job site he serves at for whatever companyDependable friend One with whom youd go into a dark alley after a perp and finally a damn good shot with a WIND MAG 300 at a 1 000 yds VIRGINIA GUARDIAN FRIEND AMERICA SLEEPS EASY WITH YOU AND YOUR KIND ON WATCH THANKS Educator Leader Master of Arms Long live the Sheepdogs PROTECTOR Richmond Vaguardian as well as a Virginia Guard soldier who just cant get enough of protect and serve Thanks for your service Be well and blessed and enjoy life as you see it Blessings AR is a straight shooter I consider it an honor to be his friend Very sweet guy that is a great friend A great friend who can always make me smile Straight shooter at work and at home a positive example with a strong work ethic You are a wonderful person inside but outside too we need more people like you is an honor to be your friend Thank you so much Always has a friend here in Arizona true blue and sheepdog all the way A fine man sharpwitted patriotic and top notch police link friend STANDS READY TO FIGHT WHAT YOU FEAR Thank you and may God bless you and you and yours An honor to call him my friend a warrior and a guardian have a great day GOOD PL BROTHER Professional Skillful and Assertive A Man thats Stays Frosty and allways has Your SixSemper Fi Warrior Friend and Protector Always has a friend here in LA SoCal Smile Thanks Brother Got your 6 The Man The Myth The Legeand HOOAH IVE BEEN BLESSED TO BECOME HIS FRIEND SOMEONE I CAN RELATE TO VERY UNDERSTANING WITH FEELINGS GOD BLESS STAY SAFE ALWAYS 7 FOREVER WHAT I MEANT TO SAY WAS ALWAYS FOREVER NOT ALWAYS 7 FOREVERI PUSHED THE WRONG KEY SORRY TOUGH DEPENDABLE SEXY AS HELL WONDERFUL SENSE OF HUMOR A GREAT TEACHER