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Informed’s 3rd Edition Law Enforcement Field Guide: Test Your Knowledge taken over 6 years ago

Informed Field Guide Expert


How Do You Handle Danger? taken over 6 years ago

You handle danger with Courage


Hays, KS
Civilian / Other
Considering a Police Career

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June 10
Matoxewu is now friends with JailTime341.
Matoxewu commented on: "Oceanside Police Captain Forced To Shoot Son".

"Like to see the family psychologist bill "

Matoxewu commented on: "Town Loses Police Force and Chief In One Day".

"its a shame that money once again caused problems as far for state police I think local would still be more effective"

April 23
Matoxewu commented on: "Retired Officer Drowns Saving Disabled Boy on Police Outing".

"Why does this have an -67 score??
The man died to provide life his story should be rated high to show honor for his bravery. "

April 21
Matoxewu commented on: "On the Range with a AR-15".

"If only he did a flip while getting 3 headshots

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