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    Summary: I cannot think of a more level headed individual than MarlyB. A consumate professional whom I heed all advice given. PL has a winner.
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    Summary: A brilliant,witty,sane,talented philosopher who possesses the wisdom to think things through.A rare commidity in this era

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MarlyB posted in: "Oh Yeah !!!".

That shakes the dingleballs on my sombrero, Dude!!
Seeing women pump their own gas has been the downfall of western civilization. 

December 17
MarlyB posted in: "Corr.Ofcr. Rhonda Commodore, Manitoba Corr., CAN MB, EOW...".

God rest the soul of Corrections Officer Rhonda Commodore.  Comfort and keep well her family and friends.

MarlyB posted in: "Ofcr. Justin Winebrenner, Akron PD, OH; EOW: Sunday, 11-1...".

God comfort the family and friends of brave Officer Justin Winebrenner.  Keep them well.

MarlyB posted in: "Dep. Matthew Chism, Cedar Co. S/O, TX; EOW: Sunday, 11--2...".

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of brave Deputy Matthew Chism.  God comfort and keep them well.

MarlyB posted in: "ir".

And as you see, UD, he hasn't...
Gee.  I feel so...used.  lol