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    Summary: I cannot think of a more level headed individual than MarlyB. A consumate professional whom I heed all advice given. PL has a winner.
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    Summary: A brilliant,witty,sane,talented philosopher who possesses the wisdom to think things through.A rare commidity in this era

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MarlyB posted in: "Global Warming".

Guder, evidently your wife is a mistress of diplomacy.  Check her nightstand for the light-weight paperback she never reads.  That is her Anti-Snor...

MarlyB posted in: "Global Warming".

SE, your second wife is to be credited for having forewarned you.
SE851 says ...

I believe,Alan can tell you,it is one of the fine...

November 27
MarlyB posted in: "How this could be interpreted".

Thank you for your words, SE851 and Gudercop.  From where love springs...
"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with thy ...

MarlyB posted in: "Posting in Forums, ( NEW MEMBERS, Please READ this and bu...".

Yes, thanks Mike.  Taposhpali is a Trashpiley. 

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