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Tustin, CA
Federal Officer / Agent
Actively Serving


Favorite Movies:
Smokin' Aces, True Romance, The Departed,, and Westerns
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Music:
All Except New Age / Satanic Music

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June 10
MajorPain posted in: "Going for your radio in a fight".

Interesting tactic by the suspect. I know of no documented similar incidents, but I will do some research on this one and get back to you.....

MajorPain posted in: "Backseat or no ride for you! Time to change the front sea...".

I work alone. There are many times when I would definitely feel safer with the arrestee in the front. There are many incidents where the cop has ...

MajorPain commented on: "A Reputed Mob Figure Is Found Shot to Death in His Bed".

"Yet, this country idolizes these people by making shows like The Sopranos No. 1."

MajorPain commented on: "Investigator: CIA Ran Secret Prisons".

"Germany has proved not to be the ally that we need during the War on Terrorism(sic). I doubt that many U.S. citizens / politicians really want to ..."

MajorPain commented on: "4 Suspects Arrested in Plot to Kill Deputy".

"And yet, everyday, I see cops and their families placing personal information about their profession on internet profile pages........"

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