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Fort Lauderdale, FL
Federal Officer / Agent

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July 24
Mac27 commented on: "Response to National Racial Debate: Gates, Crowley and Th...".

"I have to disagree with Dr. Weinblatt. From the reports of all involved, with the exception of Prof. Gates, the arrest was justified by the blatant..."

June 18
Mac27 commented on: "Dash-Cam Released In Trooper-Paramedic Scuffle".

"Did anybody notice that the driver of the ambulance suffered no legal repercussions at all. If the other ambulance attendant had stayed out of it, ..."

April 19
Mac27 commented on: "Agency Replacing 3K Glock Mags After Shootout Jam".

"There have been widespread problems with the Glock .40 cals since they went on the market. As far as I can find out, apparently not even the manufa..."

December 05
Mac27 commented on: "Self Defense Shootings on the Rise as Castle Doctrines Sw...".

"The various No Retreat laws on the books now usually do not allow a use of deadly force unless there is, or has been, a physical attack or the susp..."

November 27
Mac27 reviewed the product: "Columbia River Knife and Tool M16-13Z".

"I got this as a gift in 2001. A pretty good little knife, but I question just how sturdy it is. As a back-up fighter it looks to be adequate, but I..."


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