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Makes Me Smile A Great American Thank You For Serving And Protecting I Greatly Respect You A Lot Of Fun Someone I Always Look Forward To Seeing A Double Kick Ass Cop God Bless And Stay Safe Thanks For Your Dedication A decent trekkie Madison Guardian A Police Officer who remembers how it once was and knows how it should be A guy with a good head on his shoulders I am PROUD and HONORED to call him my FRIEND Appreciate your past and present service in a very important areas of Law Enforcement Stay safe God Bless Sarcastic as anything but still a GREAT friend Southern Brother Brother In Blue Loves Disco Music ROOSTER A Great Guy U make me feel like dancing U SHOULD BE DANCINGYEAH y m c ait s fun to stay at the y m c a Lover of animalsespecially leopards AN HONOR HAVING YOU AS A FRIEND AND FELLOW LEO GOD BLESS AND WATCH YOUR BUTT OUT THERE BROTHER A True Gentleman I got your back Ah say Pushed me down at recess Goes Commando By Accident BLUE BLOOD Ah say ah say this boy has lot on his plate But he handles it with a smile and a 38 God bless my friend And easy on the throttle Baby got Back Loves Bulldogs Loves Polyester and Platforms A GUY WHO LOVES BEING HUSBAND FATHER AND GRANFATHER TO ALL THOSE WHO DEPEND ON HIM AND SHARE SO MUCH AS A FAMILY UNITE HE ROCKS MY FAV PAPAW Love ya Bebe Rick is always ready with a smile and a wink One heck of an officer who has your back I received this bike on my 1st Birthday I love it Warrior Dedicated Professional Mississippis Finest Hard Charger Blue to the Bone American Patriot Proud Father Son of the South Police Veteran Proud to Know Armed Forces Supporter RICK IS A MAN WHO ALWAYS SAYS IF THERE IS A WAY ILL FIND IT A BROTHER A LOT OF SOUTHERN CHARM AND IS ALWAYS ABLE