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LawBehindTheLaw: Activity

March 14
LawBehindTheLaw reviewed the product: "Ruger SR 22 Pistol ".

"This is an AMAZING weapon! Being a .22 it is more of a plinker or farm gun but MY GAWD! I can't bring myself to put it down! It has adjustable sigh..."

LawBehindTheLaw reviewed the product: "Ruger SR40C".

"With the 9 round mag this is very concealable and doesn't weigh much.In a Fobus paddle holster or in an IWB tuckable holster this is weapon is the ..."

LawBehindTheLaw reviewed the product: "Smith and Wesson Model 10".

"I would give this 10 stars. The model 10 was my first issue weapon when I put on my first blue uniform in Texas in 1962. Mine has a pencil barrel a..."

LawBehindTheLaw reviewed the product: "S&W Model 19".

"I carried a model 19 in the '60's as a service weapon when the police department was issuing Model 10 revolvers. The model 19 was one of the most r..."

LawBehindTheLaw reviewed the product: "Ruger LCP".

"Most concealable weapon on the market. I bought mine with a Lasermax installed and that helps with shot placement. It is VERY LIGHT weight and will..."


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