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Appreciate your faithful service in Law Enforcement God Bless and stay safe The Button in the Cap of Kindness Good man good citizen and great friend GOD BLESS YOUR PATHWAY Brother In Blue saving Cali one call at a time A DEDICATED AND SMART YOUNG MAN PROUD TO HAVE HIM ON BOARD TO ASSIST LE COMMUNITY TAKE CHARGE GUY Thank You For Your Friendship Awesome Guy A Great American A LEOs true friend A Great PL Friend AN HONOR HAVING YOU AS A FRIEND AND STRONG SUPPORTER WE ALL APPRECIATE YOU YOU MAKE UP FOR THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS THROWN AT US One who stands the watch and holds the lineHonor CALIFORNIAS FINEST Someone I Greatly Admire And Look Up To Bless Our Friendship Thanks For Being My Friend Thank You For Protecting and Serving Blue Line Advocate Super friend and best durn traffic man in the wild West even if he is a Red Sox fan Just a downright good man too bad he can not find a Yankee avatar When on a bad call and help is miles away I know this guy would give his life for me regardless of whether or not he is sworn or not Id want him by my side any day A brother and a true friend It is an honor to be your friend and I am honored to have you as mine Thank you for your years of dedication to our friendship Keep it safeIve got your six Sharp and wise HE WALKS TALL A great Officer on and off the job even when the quirks are high strung here is one who keeps cool in summer and winter Jonas is the epitome of what the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave should be all about Jonas is the epitome of what the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave should be all about SOZA Brother sweet kind friend who protects people We just met and so far Jonas seems to be a super cool guy willing to help Thanks Jonas Kind hearted friend A Man of Noble Character and Positive Impact an honor to know you on police link