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Are You at Risk for Identity Theft? taken about 7 years ago

Guard Tower (Some Security Measures)

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Police Patch



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June 09
Jkaz232 posted in: "Dropping in".

Still at the practice chanter stage. Hadn't had much time in the last couple months to do much, but just picked it up again, and started using an o...

Jkaz232 posted in: "Question!!".

Yep, put it on there, you'll most likely have an opportunity to explain it.

June 07
Jkaz232 posted: "Dropping in".

Hey Ya'all...
Just dropping in to say hello. Sorry I've  been MIA lately; had a lot going on lately between work and life stuff. Went to Polic...

December 19
Jkaz232 posted in: "bagpipes".

no doubt pipes aren't cheap. I'm nowhere near being able to buy them yet, but am plugging along with songs.

Jkaz232 commented on: "Jason S.".

"Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Stay safe."