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Are You at Risk for Identity Theft? taken about 6 years ago

Guard Tower (Some Security Measures)

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July 28
Jkaz232 commented on: "David Simms".

"Stopping by to say hello, have a great week!"

Jkaz232 posted in: "Target on our backs".

saw a "friend" on facebook had liked that copblock page. That "friend" is no longer such. Very twisted stuff posted on that page.

Jkaz232 posted in: "Off Duty Weapon".

In the winter months, I'm usually carrying my glock 23 because it's easier to conceal. In the summer, it's usually my snubnose .38 with +p's and/or...

Jkaz232 gave a thumbs up to The Post "Officer safety".
Jkaz232 posted in: "Policelink, What happened".

I think this site can definitely regain some life back to it that it once had, but it's not going to come without a bunch of effort from all of us....