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How Do You Handle Danger? taken almost 8 years ago

You handle danger with Courage


Stew Smith's Fitness Challenge taken over 8 years ago

More Fit than Most


Cathedral City, CA
Federal Officer / Agent
Actively Serving (has access to L.E. restricted areas)


Shooting, Hunting, Camping
Favorite Movies:
Outlaw Josey Wales, The Patriot, Patton, Braveheart, A Bridge Too Far
Favorite Music:
Classic Rock, Smooth Jazz

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  • Imgp0565__3__max50


    over 5 years ago

    Just stopping by to say Hi ! Just got back few days ago from being up in Arizona for 6 days. Had a really great time. I just barely missed being stranded by the big dust storm that hit, as my plane took off just before it happened. I did get to see a awesome thunder storm the evening before. Hope you had a great weekend and things are going great for you Take care and stay safe.

  • Imgp0565__3__max50


    about 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for friendship! Hope things are going well for you and yours and you have a great stress free week. The weather here in sunny Calif is everything but. I'm so tired of being cold and wet, can't wait for summer .Take care and stay safe as the crazies walk amoug us.

  • Dolphins_fantasy_max50


    almost 7 years ago

    Stoppng by to say Hi and wish you a safe and great week. Take care out there my friend.

  • Snoopy_18_max50


    almost 7 years ago

    Thank you sir for the add. Stay safe.

  • Fb_profile_pic_max50


    about 7 years ago

    Thanks for the friendship. Stay safe and have a good day.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 7 years ago

    "Just Another Man"
    He looks in the mirror every morning and night,
    Does he see what I see, it would be nice if he might.
    He sees a rude man as he stands there,
    I see someone who needs someone to care.
    He sees a mean man, because he has to be tough,
    I see someone who deals with more than enough.
    He sees how he tries not to cry and feels he has no heart,
    I see someone who has to keep his feelings and work apart.
    He sees a murderer because he shot someone last night,
    I see someone who saved someone else from a fight.
    He sees a failure because he did not arrive in time
    I see someone who did his best and needs peace of mind.
    He sees just another man as he enters the day,
    I see a special man who does his best in every way.
    For all the years, he has put on the uniform of blue,
    He has never realized how much he protects me and you.
    But, as he starts the day again, I just wish he could see,
    What he really is and how much he means to you and me.
    Author Unknown

  • Metroguard_emblem_max50


    over 7 years ago

    Hi Jim, just stopped in to say HELLO, hope all is well and your enjoying your week-end...Annie
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  • Metroguard_emblem_max50


    over 7 years ago

    Hi Jim....Annie


  • 307649_534084619944515_620555073_n_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add. Stay safe out there.

    "When you look into a child's eyes; you see the future. When a child looks to you with those same eyes; they see their future. What you do today will ensure that future."

    -Rusty Keeble

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  • White_shirt_max50


    almost 8 years ago

    Jim. Thanks for your years of service. Best to you and your family. Dennis

  • Imag0047_max50


    about 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add. Be safe out there in Cat City!

  • Sfsd116_max50


    over 8 years ago

    What's up Jim?. Hope your not working to hard. Take it easy and be safe. Chris

  • Herb_100_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Be Safe Out There! Check out my web site if ya get a chance:

  • Th_redraider_sq90_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Thanks for the add and stay safe. "Go Tech".

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 8 years ago