Tags for John Biggins

old timer Fellow NC LEO A PROUD FAMILY MAN GOD BLESS thats my dad Good Ol Granpa Wow 40 years in a uniform CAPTAIN FUNNY 100 percent COP Warrior Dedicated Professional Blue to the Bone Air Force Veteran Hard Charger American Patriot Guardian of Freedom Proud to Know Veteran Officer Brother in Christ Guardian of life True Blue American Good Role Model Fellow veteran Thanks for your service God Bless you Stay safe Dedicated and loyal husband Proudly Serving and Protecting A MAN I WOULD STAND BACK TO BACK ANY DAY buddy in blue God bless hard working and dedicated John for a moment I thought I was talking about Robo Cop a real good person to know Captain of the team Proud to Call Him My Friend thanks for your service GLAD TO HAVE YOU AS A MEMBER OF THE FAMILY If looking down the barrel of a gun isn t what you do for a living thank a cop keep up the good work thank you for protecting us Member of the CNR Group LEO BRO Would be honored to stand and protect at his side A Great Person of Distinction Southern Brother KICK THEIRS AND COVER YOURS A Tarheel in BlueTo serve and to protect A fellow USAF veteran Brother In Blue A DEDICATED BROTHER MILITARY AND LAWENFORCEMENT I AM PROUD TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND A BROTHER VET Sorry I missed this earlier H1 Thank you for everything you do mainly for doing the impossible for people who dont understand the life you live or why you do what you do THANK YOU FOR YOURE VALIENT SERVICE Thanks for the tribute One of NCs Finest A Fellow Warrior God Bless And Stay Safe Always Thank you for your service and dedication Stay Safe proud to have as a PL friend