Tags for Ms Rima Mathewson-P.

Sweetheart dedicated police supporter funny honest Your a NH Freak Mother Nature Patriotic Sincere Backing the Badge A very good friend friendly sincere Warm individual Cop at heart Good hearted person VISIONARY Got a cute bird in her profile pic looks like we both share the love of African Grey birds Bird hearted but not bird brained Kind Caring Beautiful parrot woman not so cynical LE supporter thats good for us all good to all and sweet to know glad to have you as a friend Stands up for the badge TWEET TWEET Good Person Concerned Loving Heart Birds the word Nice ole gale seems to care about others and her family caring and supporting soul True Patricia Cornwell fan Warrior on the medical front Dr Kay Scarpetta the tenacious intelligent and compassionate Chief Medical Examiner Looks like we enjoy Patricia Cornwell novels impressive A very wonderful person who I respect and admire COOL SWEET LADY Honest A fellow cat lover a very sweet person with an empathetic heart neat sense of humor Your a NH Freak Love ya gal SUPERWOMAN so cool very thoughtful and cool awesome gal Encourager Sister In Christ A Good Friend to Have the world is better for having YOU in it strong woman Sister in the Cause God Bless You Thank You For The Support Rookie Protects and Serves Admirably Thank you BE SAFE Love the CRAZY Pumpkin a real PL friend A friend kindhearted cares about people thank you for who you are Level headed thoughtful and a worthy friend A New Friend In Police Link vary happy person to know Very Sweet Blue Line Advocate thoughtful kind friend what a nice new friend to get to know True Heart Clever pleasant and wise Top notch lady leo suporter friend and contributor to society