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What Kind of Police Vehicle Are You? Round II taken over 5 years ago

You wouldn't be a police car. You'd be getting stopped by one!

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August 03
Guadalupeperez commented on: "Police Shoot, Kill Man Armed With Knife, Meat Cleaver".

Been there, done that (only in MO, not PA). Sometimes it's the only choice you're left with, and I hope the officers remember that the..."

July 22
Guadalupeperez commented on: "Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Cop?".

"Im learnig one day at a time that I must remember to put others first before myself."

July 09
Guadalupeperez commented on: "Police Locate Kidnapped 4-year-old Girl Alive".

"God works through people. What may seem like nothing to some people, is very speical to me. I know that St Micheal protects the people that try to ..."

June 02
Guadalupeperez commented on: "5 Rules For Future Cops".

"I would love to be a cop. so what i do to prepare is pray that the lord will give me the strenght to endure the negitive input of others. I belive ..."

May 28
Guadalupeperez commented on: "MD Trooper Breaks Leg In Foot Pursuit; Still Makes Arrest".

"You are under the wings of the holy spirit, May your days be complete in knowing that someone prays for you and your family. yours always superluper"

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