Tags for Hannah R

FUTURE BLUE Lucky to have as a New Friend Determined Sister in Christ Fun Awesome MY NEW FRIEND IS SWEET AND HAS A HEART OF GOLD Future Cop A go for it type of gal A GREAT FRIEND Will Make a Great LEO ALWAYS READY FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS Hi Hannah thank you for the add and the tribute Thanks for being a good friend to LEOs Have a great day BE SAFE youre a sweetheart very kind motivated driven sweet Stick with it and study hard Youll do GREAT God Bless Future Role Model A Loyal Friend To Have Heart of Gold Great Friend To Have Dedicated and Committed Will make a great Officer A fun new friend Great Friend Wonderful personality Our future Absolute Sweetheart ROLE MODEL HONESTY INTEGRITY A Loyal Friend To Have Thank you my friend Great future ahead as a LEO A name after my own heart Future Sister in Blue A Real Sweetie Loves the Big Dogs A Great Friend to Have A SHINING STAR One who always makes you smile Knows the true meaning of Friendship She rocks Absolutely and indescribably wonderful real sweet heart future leo Loyal Gods Child Future Sister In Blue Live and Love Life like there is no tomorrow Keep the Faith Courage and Strength is Hannahs strong points LOYAL key to anyones heart and Trust Rock on with your BAD Self Hannah TRUE TRUBADOR ClassAct POLISHED FULL OF INSPIRING LIFE Very sweet AWESOME SWEETIE THANK YOU MORE FUN GIRL JUST TOO MUCH FUN OMG SHE COMPLIMENTS WELL Hannah is on the right track Keep it up future LEO We are all rooting for you With God all things are possible God bless you my sister Awesome person HAPPY WITH LIFE EASY TO KNOW AND A GOOD FRIEND TO HAVE Thanks for talkin with me Hannah God shall fulfill the desires of your heart and he promises it in his word I am proud to meet you and call you a sister Intuitive A Sweetheart A dream is just one sleep away Go for it Inspiration Future Asset To Any Department Sweet Kind Will Make A Great Officer One of A Kind We need more like her Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyways OUTSTANDING PL FRIEND KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS AND HAS TRUEGRIT TO DO IT Caring and helpful nice young lady THOUGHTFUL My New Sister I feel honored to meet you Hannah Reminds me of my daughter sets her eyes on the goal and doesnt blink I cant wait until the day that I hear she has been inducted Would like to meet in person or to converse more through PL A fine example for beginning LEOs everywhere Great Supporter Gracious Generous Total Sweetheart The future of LE and best of all a friend VERY SPECIAL TO BTTS Wonderful Young Lady You will make us all proud truely considerate and sweet a really great person and friend Sweetheart Dedicated Trustworthy Honest A Good Person Goal Achivere ENJOY LIFE Future Asset To Any Department truly has the right attitude and heart for the job Kind Person With Kind Words extremely dedicated committed determined sweetheart stay safe Honor to be your friend great person You are a trooper Keep up all of your hard work Lets no one keep her down you are going to make an awesome officer you got exactly what it takes LEO MATERIAL dedicated go for it kind of gal GO WITH GOD destined for greatness potential for greatness as long as you go with God thats all that counts will one day soon wear the blue true blue you gotta kick a little my sister and friend your going to succeed at everything you put your hands to Gods got a plan for your life destined to wear the blue by God you will run through a troop and leap over the high walls you will always succeed Keep the attitude Cowgirl up Darling keep going after your goal and you will be an added blessing to LE Has the determination to go a long way in life Thanks for the message and good luck on your search No your the sweetheart How about them cowgirls1 FUTURE GREAT COPPER My future sister in Blue Stay safe and God Bless Youre going to make it lady pretty smile Never Give up hope Dedicated and true professional Has her head on right Class Act Believer and Follower of the one True God No doubt youre a success waiting to happen god shot friend A definate sweetheart She has what it takes to be blue God Bless God will help you succeed SISTER IN BLUE Dedicated Determined Driven A wonderfull women Spiret lefter great to know encourageing dependable A True Inspiration Southern Sister A true blessing shes not only my sister shes also my friend very kind and nice KENTUCKY CHICKS RULE future sister in law enforcement Just one great person with a heart of gold Knows what she wants and goin for it You will always reach higher Thoughtful A Real Sweetheart Dedicated Individual Who Will Make a Fine LEO A Real Sweetheart Im proud of you and the dedication toward your career it is a treasured honor to be friends with you thanks for taking charge of my back Dedicated and Inspiring MAY THE GREAT SPIRIT RIDE WITH YOU HANNAH AND KEEP YOU SAFE Very Cute Dimple Awesome Girl Beautiful Inside And Out Girl Power I always from a kid up wanted to be a detective I put forth all effort to attain this goal and achieved itYou can too Hannah can Handle it True American Girl Too cute Future Protector you are gonna kick some serious ass out there when you become a Texas deputy go for it kind of girl a great attitude and the willingness to inspire othersA real determination to achieve what she wants A good trustworthy gal who will cover your back Lots of hugs safe and never give up Always remember the quote Be The Change You Want The World To See God bless You and God KEEP BELIEVING Future Warrior Future LEO inspiration Desire nothing but the best for you destined for the blue Thank you for your friendship A rise above the rest champion taker of names and kicker of ass easy on the eyes Hororable Respectful Beautiful A kind and encouraging person Be The Change thank you for the kind words and I think you are a true soldier yourself you put your neck out everyday for others and that isnt easy I know THANK YOU APPRECIAT YOUR LOYAL SUPPORT TO ALL THE LEOS OUT HERE IT HELPS CONTRADICT THE NEGATIVES WE GET ALL THE TIME Keep in touch as you serve the Military A LEOs best friend True Blue Kentucky Getter done little one Youre the sister that God forgot to give me MY AWESOME BIG SISTER When the going gets rough she keeps going meets each challange head on go get it girl Thank you for all you do You have done more at 22 then many do in a lifetime