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  • Funny
    Summary: We work well together here on Police Link. I never have to fear if an issue comes up that it will be left to languish in the in box. We work well together.
  • Th_detective_max50
    Summary: I have worked with Jeff as a Moderator here at PL for the past 10 months. I find him to be fair and balanced in his Moderator duties. He is a sociable and friendly individual with a big heart!
  • Metroguard_emblem_max50
    Summary: Your Friendship is very much appreciated...
  • 45089_396847393722850_1055776862_n_max50
    Summary: Jeff has such a big heart and is a terrific moderator here on Police Link. I am very fortunate and blessed to have his friendship. He's a wonderful man, very caring toward his family and friends, and I can see why people are crazy about him. He's a great asset to PL.
  • Indexjuhoiuytf_max50
    Summary: I am honored to call Jeff my friend. We have had some good laughs, never a boring min. Glad to have him as a moderator!!! (besides, he loves the bagpipes, can't get any cooler than that!!!! hahaha)

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July 01
FireDad posted in: "Well, So What We Gonna Do NOW???".

MarlyB says ...

We're not talking rank amateurism here.  It's just the brutal mechanics of cost analysis over soul.  Monster has been o...

FireDad posted in: "Well, So What We Gonna Do NOW???".

 Hey guys. I will stick around for a short time. Those of us that are mods know whats up. we cant say much
If you all want to find me on faceb...

June 30
FireDad posted: "Good bye".

 WEll, everyone. It is the end of the road. 
I have enjoyed being a Moderator on this site. I have met and talked to many people on here.  ...

June 24
May 06
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