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Zillah, WA
Fire Fighter / EMS
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August 10
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FF_EMT is now friends with Anonymous.


FF_EMT commented on: "6-year-old playing with gun shoots himself in head.".

"This still doesn't support gun control laws. My dad always had a weapon in the house; we kids knew where it was - in case of emergency. Difference ..."

FF_EMT gave a thumbs down to The Article "6-year-old playing with gun shoots himself in head.".
FF_EMT gave a thumbs up to The Article "Cops and Armed Citizens".

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  • Imagesca4xarl3gatekeeper911_max50


    over 5 years ago


  • RAMBO_911

    almost 6 years ago


    Stopping By To Say, Hello & Thank You
    For Accepting My Friendship Invitation,
    Have a Great! Week!
    May GOD Bless! & Keep You Safe Out There!PxD-Ace Hypo


  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 6 years ago

    "Just Another Man"
    He looks in the mirror every morning and night,
    Does he see what I see, it would be nice if he might.
    He sees a rude man as he stands there,
    I see someone who needs someone to care.
    He sees a mean man, because he has to be tough,
    I see someone who deals with more than enough.
    He sees how he tries not to cry and feels he has no heart,
    I see someone who has to keep his feelings and work apart.
    He sees a murderer because he shot someone last night,
    I see someone who saved someone else from a fight.
    He sees a failure because he did not arrive in time
    I see someone who did his best and needs peace of mind.
    He sees just another man as he enters the day,
    I see a special man who does his best in every way.
    For all the years, he has put on the uniform of blue,
    He has never realized how much he protects me and you.
    But, as he starts the day again, I just wish he could see,
    What he really is and how much he means to you and me.
    Author Unknown

  • warriorwaynorth

    almost 6 years ago


    Thanks for the tributes! I just pray I can live up to all of them!

  • Version_2_max50


    almost 6 years ago


    An across-the-board apology to all friends, anyone who has recently written: So sorry for slow replies; modem got fried in a nasty T-storm 2 wks ago, so I didn't have internet service, now have 3000 emails to go thru - groan, grump, grump, grump...

    A fun "gift" for anyone who has any important events/dates coming up. If you've never seen this before, it's super cool, an automatic countdown calendar. I have it set right now for my daughter's wedding date, but you can easily reset the date for your own info:
    Have fun!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 6 years ago

    Thjanks for the latest tributes,FF EMT.Good to see yo keep in shape.I gave up running awhile back but still aerobic walk ,daily.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 6 years ago

    Thanks much for the tributes,super friend and a big AMEN to the story of the Presidential dinner.

  • Version_2_max50


    almost 6 years ago


    I received the following "Parable" in an email yesterday. Please feel free to share!

  • Version_2_max50


    almost 6 years ago


    Dinner with the President, a parable.....

    Once upon a time, I was invited to the White House for a private dinner with the President. I am a respected businessman, with a factory that produces memory chips for computers and portable electronics. There was some talk that my industry was being scrutinized by the administration, but I paid it no mind. I live in a free country. There's nothing that the government can do to me if I've broken no laws. My wealth was earned honestly, and an invitation to dinner with an American President is an honor.

    I checked my coat, was greeted by the Chief of Staff, and joined the President in a yellow dining room. We sat across from each other at a table draped in white linen. The Great Seal was embossed on the china. Uniformed staff served our dinner.

    The meal was served, and I was startled when my waiter suddenly reached out, plucked a dinner roll off my plate, and began nibbling it as he walked back to the kitchen.

    "Sorry about that," said the President. "Andrew is very hungry."

    "I don't appreciate..." I began, but as I looked into the calm brown eyes across from me, I felt immediately guilty and petty. It was just a dinner roll. "Of course," I concluded, and reached for my glass. Before I could, however, another waiter reached forward, took the glass away and swallowed the wine in a single gulp.

    "And his brother Eric is very thirsty." said the President.

    I didn't say anything. The President is testing my compassion, I thought. I will play along. I don't want to seem unkind. My plate was whisked away before I had tasted a bite.

    "Eric's children are also quite hungry."

    With a lurch, I crashed to the floor. My chair had been pulled out from under me. I stood, brushing myself off angrily, and watched as it was carried from the room.

    "And their grandmother can't stand for long."

    I excused myself, smiling outwardly, but inside feeling like a fool. Obviously, I had been invited to the White House to be sport for some game. I reached for my coat, to find that it had been taken. I turned back to the President.

    "Their grandfather doesn't like the cold."

    I wanted to shout - "That was my coat!" But again, I looked at the placid smiling face of my host and decided I was being a poor sport. I spread my hands helplessly and chuckled. Then I felt my hip pocket and realized my wallet was gone. I excused myself and walked to a phone on an elegant side table. I learned shortly that my credit cards had been maxed out, my bank accounts emptied, my retirement and equity portfolios had vanished, and my wife had been thrown out of our home. Apparently, the waiters and their families were moving in. The President hadn't moved or spoken as I learned all this, but finally I lowered the phone into its cradle and turned to face him.

    "Andrew's whole family has made bad financial decisions. They haven't planned for retirement, and they need a house. They recently defaulted on a sub - prime mortgage. I told them they could have your home. They need it more than you do."

    My hands were shaking. I felt faint. I stumbled back to the table and knelt on the floor. The President cheerfully cut his meat, ate his steak and drank his wine. I lowered my eyes and stared at the small grey circles on the tablecloth that were water drops.

    "By the way," he added, "I have just signed an Executive Order nationalizing your factories. I'm firing you as head of your business. I'll be operating the firm now for the benefit of all mankind. There's a whole bunch of Erics and Andrews out there and they can't come to you for jobs groveling like beggars."

    I looked up. The President dropped his spoon into the empty ramekin which had held his Creme' Brulee. He drained the last drops of his wine. As the table was cleared, he lit a cigarette and leaned back in his chair. He stared at me I clung to the edge of the table as if it were a ledge and I were a man hanging over an abyss. I thought of the years behind me, of the life I had lived. The life I had earned with a lifetime of work, risk and struggle. Why was I being punished? How had I allowed it to be taken? What game had I played and lost? I looked across the table and noticed with some surprise that there was no game board between us.

    What had I done wrong?

    As if answering the unspoken thought, the President suddenly cocked his head, locked his empty eyes to mine, and bared a million teeth, chuckling wryly as he folded his hands.

    "You should have stopped me at the dinner roll," he said.

  • Th_redraider_sq90_max50


    almost 6 years ago


    Thanks for the add and stay safe. "Go Tech".

  • Version_2_max50


    almost 6 years ago


    well, phooey - I just clicked on the "You have no tributes. Invite Friends to tag you." link & feel kinda silly about it - sorta like begging for kudos? didn't have the opportunity to back up & say "forget it!" once at a certain point! oh, wellllllll! :-p

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 6 years ago

    I also moved around consistantly,being an Army brat till I went in ,myself.It was a valuable learning tool but not easy on the psyche,as it is difficult to establish lasting friendships,traveling so frequently..Our kids reside in two spots in Pennsylvania,Omaha ,Nebraska and Las Vegas.Take care.

  • 101_2375_max50


    almost 6 years ago

    MyHotComments Have a great weekend.........Stay safe and watch your 6.......April :)

  • Aok_-_ready_for_flt_max50


    almost 6 years ago



    HEY FF-EMT!!! ... Glad to meet you!

    Thank you for your Service & Thanks for the Add!

    God Bless you and Yours - Keep in Touch!

    Stay Frosty, Watch your Six, Stay Safe ! !

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 6 years ago

    Thanks for the info and the additional gift,I will give it a look.I see you're from the beautiful state of Washington.I have numerous relatives and in-laws in the West/Northwest area,Cal.-Oregon-Washington -Idaho and Montana.Lovely country.Take care and thanks again for everything.