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Houston, TX
Civilian / Other
Supporter / Enthusiast
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Shooting, Cycling, Hunting, staying fit
Favorite Movies:
Quest for Fire, Evil dead series
Favorite TV Shows:
Walking dead season 2, operation repo
Favorite Music:
Celebrating Osama's Death

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August 09
Daysend commented on: "26 London Police Officers Injured in Rioting".

"I also agree, this seems to be more spark to the fire of racisum. They repeat 3 a farm riot killed a police officer. And a teenager who was racia..."

Daysend commented on: "Group Hacks Into U.S. Police Websites".

"Honestly all I have to say is. What are people doing placing sensitive information on websites. Most sensitive place on non-internet connected syst..."

June 11
Daysend commented on: "Officer Forced to Fatally Shoot Teenage Son".

"Its a sad thing theres just no words for, dont let it hold you or your family back. He was able to enjoy 17 years on this precious earth. Rocky the..."

June 02
Daysend commented on: "Injured Trooper's Fight For Life Ends".

"Rest peacefully, thank you for your service and I pray for your family and peace. A very tragic event, I really believe drunk drivers are the scum ..."

May 18
Daysend commented on: "Man Stalks, Runs Down Plainclothes Cop".

"I guess sometimes you have time to shoot. And sometimes you just need to get behind a tree and the hell outa the way! Hed have been justified in s..."

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    almost 6 years ago

    Welcome to Police Link,Jim.Thanks for your friendship,it's appreciated.Take care and enjoy a great weekend.