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Its a real privaledge to know you Thank you for your friendship Your support to the LE community is appreciated Awesome Lady Great Friend Beautiful Sweet Funny Awesome Mom Sexy as HELL Little Rockstar Proud Supporter Ill second that Gorgeous simply gorgeous FUTURE NEW ALBANY GUARDIAN Bravo Zulu Absolute Perfection Angel on my shoulder Best BB I Have Ever Seen As for the BB commentchildish and only coming from the dreams of a very delusional man Hot as Hell Extremely Sensuous Incredibly Beautiful and Seriously HAWT Breathtaking Tastes like sugar What a sweetheartvery nice to talk to as well Very proud of Jenn for her great determination Very ambitious young woman A shining star already Soon to be Rookie Determined and Motivated Thanks for your support to all LE God Bless stay safe Inspirational Good Luck Super Sweet Jen has a bright future in LE A real go getter Wonderful person and great friend Great things will come soon to you Future LEO A great friend and a good shoulder to lay on when down Super unbelievably breathtakinly hot Will make a GREAT LEO Great friend Hang in there study hard keep up the grades and youll get where you want to go God Bless 710 108 Hilarious My New Sister went for the gold and took it all the way to the finish line So Very Proud Of You My friend your determination mindset and persistence plays very well within the Blue community Jenn knows what she desires and is committed toward achievement and goal success she is a great Christian wonderful Mother and wife Im honored and privileged to connct with her on Police Link A Fellow Warrior God Bless And Stay Safe Always Sister in blue God bless you and your family Hottie BREATHTAKING TIMELESS BEAUTY Nice Proud to call my friend smart funny brave pretty kick ass chick Future watch on the Thin Blue Line