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Chandler, AZ
Civilian / Other
Considering a Police Career

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March 24
Blitz07734 posted in: "first firearm you have ever fired".

Not my first, but it was on the first day, was my dad's Ruger .357 double action security six, blued with simulated wood handles. I am still trying...

Blitz07734 posted in: "Any gun you want...".

1st would be an H&K MP5. 2nd on the list is a AR-15. 3rd would be a vintage Thompson SMG in 45ACP, and last on my list is a BAR. Although I lov...

March 22
Blitz07734 posted in: "CCW question for **COPS ONLY**".

I'm pretty new to PL and have just started reading the forums in the last few days. Being an armed citizen, I have to say that I am overwhelmed by ...

March 21
Blitz07734 posted in: "What You Packin!?!?".

G22 and G27 with the 180 grain Gold Dot JHP. Prefer the 22 but the 27 is easier to conceal and more comfortable to conceal.

Blitz07734 posted in: "Cleaning your Duty Weapon = Semi Auto Pistols".

If you're an LEO your life could depend on your weapon. This is like the brakes on your car, not something you want to skimp on. I have 2 glocks an...

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