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Right or Left? taken over 5 years ago



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You handle danger with Courage


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Guard Tower (Some Security Measures)


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LEO All the Way


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Pro 2nd Amendment

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    Summary: 'Articulate, intelligent, and a great cop! We may not always agree on everything, but, what friends REALLy do? He is an asset to PL I am lucky to call my FRIEND!
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    Summary: I do not know Officer Nick Loizzi personally but from my experice from interactions on Police LInk he is intelligent, articulate,and compassionate.Officer Loizzi has been my mentor and friend for a year the advice and direction that he passes on is irreplaceable.
  • 560477_373472692734968_251135309_n_max50
    Summary: Nick is an all around awsome guy! He has been a great mentor to me and I am sure he will continue to be. I am proud to call this man my brother!!

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December 18
BigNTS posted in: "Police seek gunman after Central Texas TV meteorologist shot".

Is the weather that bad down there?

BigNTS posted in: "Merry Christmas".

Merry Christmas!

BigNTS posted in: "Dep. John Robert Street, George Co. S/O, MS; EOW: Tuesday...".

R.I.P. Deputy John Robert Street.

December 12

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  • Pentagon_from_our_roof_terrace_2_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Hey Nick... thanks for the post and the wishes. Found your new dream job, yet? I miss working.... sometimes - not working, per se, but the nature of the work. Dealing with Federally Protected Witnesses is like no other job... The Sopranos writers did their job very well. these tHere's to a Blessed Holiday Season for you and your family. and your dream post-retirement job. Above all, stay safe.. Always. ~e

    St John Church, Val di Funes, Italy

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago

    Thanks for the Graphic ...Simply beautiful..Happy Holidays to you

  • 375956_401447159923274_1109023972_n_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Yo Nick thanks for stopping by, hope you week is going well, stay warm, dry, and safe.

    its finally friday get out and enjoy

    christmas snowman

    (A folk legend from Germany and the Ukraine)

    Once upon a time, long ago, a gentle mother was busily cleaning the house for the most wonderful day of the year.... The day on which the Christ child came to bless the house. Not a speck of dust was left. Even the spiders had been banished from their cozy corner in the ceiling to avoid the housewife's busy cleaning. They finally fled to the farthest corner of the attic.

    T'was the Christmas eve at last! The tree was decorated and waiting for the children to see it. But the poor spiders were frantic, for they could not see the tree, nor be present for the Christ child's visit. But the oldest and wisest spider suggested that perhaps they could peep through the crack in the door to see him. Silently they crept out of their attic, down the stairs, and across the floor to wait in the crack in the threshold. Suddenly, the door opened a wee bit and quickly the spiders scurried into the room. They must see the tree closely, since their eyes weren't accustomed to the brightness of the room... so the crept all over the tree, up and down, over every branch and twig and saw every one of the pretty things. At last they satisfied themselves completely of the Christmas tree beauty.

    But alas!! Everywhere they went they had left their webs, and when the little Christ child came to bless the house he was dismayed. He loved the little spiders, for they were God's creatures too, but he knew the mother, who had trimmed the tree for the little children, wouldn't feel the same, so He touched the webs and they all turned to sparkling, shimmering, silver and gold!

    Ever since that time, we have hung tinsel on our christmas trees, and according to the legend, it has been a custom to include a spider among the decorations on the tree.

  • Dolphins_fantasy_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Thank you very much Nick and take care out there.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago


    thank you very much and you stay safe also

  • Wtc_badge_max600_max160_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Nick, Merry Christmas Brother, Thanks for stopping by. GOD Bless and Stay Safe.

  • Online-photo-sharing-gallery-animal-cat-cougar-artct45_max160_max50


    about 4 years ago



  • Snoopy_13_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Thank you for the visit. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Stay safe.

  • Afspa_life_member-back_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Thanks for stopping by and checking in. May you and yours have a safe and memorable holiday season.
    God Bless

  • Dolphins_fantasy_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Thank you Nick and wishing you and your family also a very Merry Christmas!

  • Cat-in-santa-hat_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Christmas Death Cat Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago

    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  • Nativity_with_cross_max50


    about 4 years ago


  • 375956_401447159923274_1109023972_n_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Yo Nick how's it going. Are you freezing your butt off yet?

    Temperature 24 degrees, Windchill 17 degrees,
    Wind Advisory in effect 20 to 30mph winds with gust reaching 40 to 50mph.

    You Might Be a Policeman if...

    You have the bladder capacity of five people.

    You have ever restrained someone and it was not a sexual experience.

    You believe that 75% of people are a waste of space.

    Your idea of a good time is an armed robbery at shift change.

    You call for a name check on anyone who is remotely friendly to you.

    Discussing dismemberment over dinner seems perfectly normal to you.

    You find humor in other peoples stupidity.

    You have your weekends off planned for a year.

    You believe the government should require a permit to reproduce.

    You believe that unspeakable evils will befall you if anyone says " God its quiet today".

    Your diet consists of food that has gone through more processing than a computer can track.

    You're the only sober person in the kebab house.

    You believe chocolate is a food group.

    Having alcohol at 7am seems perfectly normal.

    You have ever wanted to hold a seminar called "Suicide, getting it right the first time".

    You believe "Too stupid to Live" should be a valid court outcome.

    When you mention vegetables, you're not referring to a food group.

    You think caffeine should be available in IV form.

    Your prisoner states, "I have no idea how I got here" - and neither have you.

    Your favorite hallucinogen is exhaustion.

    You nodded and laughed at all of the above, and realized what a sick bunch we all are.


  • 375956_401447159923274_1109023972_n_max50


    about 4 years ago


    Hey Nick, Good news the Redskins lost and the Patriots won, we won't know what your Giants will do until tomorrow night. Have a great week and above all be safe.


    Myspace Comments & Graphics - Sunday - More Sunday Comments

    Don’t think that love, to be true, has to be extraordinary. What is necessary is to continue to love. How does a lamp burn, if it is not by the continuous feeding of little drops of oil? When there is no oil, there is no light and the bridegroom will say: “I do not know you”. Dear friends, what are our drops of oil in our lamps? They are the small things from every day life: the joy, the generosity, the little good things, the humility and the patience. A simple thought for someone else. Our way to be silent, to listen, to forgive, to speak and to act. That are the real drops of oil that make our lamps burn vividly our whole life. Don’t look for Jesus far away, He is not there. He is in you, take care of your lamp and you will see Him.”
    – Mother Teresa