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2nd Amendment Shootout taken over 6 years ago

Pro 2nd Amendment


Copper or Hosehead taken over 6 years ago

LEO All the Way


The TV Cop Quiz taken over 6 years ago

Captain Cordell Walker

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    Summary: MSP is not only very intelligent and articulate, he is a very good friend on PL. His postings are sharp and to the point. So glad he is on PL!

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November 25
Beowulf_7 posted in: "FERGUSON, MISSOURI".

Just like anyone that believes they are entitled to something. . . . . . .he will play the "life's lottery" with his dead stepson's death all for t...

Beowulf_7 posted in: "FERGUSON, MISSOURI".

I wonder how long it will take for the flames to die down. . . . . .

Beowulf_7 gave a thumbs up to The Post "FERGUSON, MISSOURI".
Beowulf_7 posted in: "AR for LE use".

WOW!  A weee bit sensitive are we????  As for living in your head, seems like you've given me plenty of space. . . . .rent free all because I boile...

November 24
Beowulf_7 posted in: "Interview tomorrow (11/25/14)".

 CONGRATULATIONS!  Sounds like you know the drill.  Bring your "A" game but let the chief "drive" the conversation. . . .your in his "car", right? ...

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