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2nd Amendment Shootout taken about 7 years ago

Pro 2nd Amendment


Copper or Hosehead taken about 7 years ago

LEO All the Way


The TV Cop Quiz taken almost 7 years ago

Captain Cordell Walker

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    Summary: MSP is not only very intelligent and articulate, he is a very good friend on PL. His postings are sharp and to the point. So glad he is on PL!

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April 17
Beowulf_7 posted in: "Good Bye".

I hope your attitude in a fight for your life is a lot different than your fight for this job.  There are people out there that have died because t...

Beowulf_7 posted in: "Question".

klamm143 says ...

OR.............log on to netflix...........SEARCH "police academy" and sit back - relax with your popcorn, beverage of...

April 15
Beowulf_7 posted in: "Denver TSA agents fired over scheme to grope attractive m...".

Yet the ones that are we are supposed to be alerted to (Islamic extremist) get a free pass on these pat downs because of "Racial Profiling". . . . ...

April 10
Beowulf_7 posted in: "State Lawmakers Consider Bill to Allow Concealed Carry Wi...".

It only has ugly written on it if one over thinks it.  Bad guys already carry however they wish without regard to whether it is legal or not. . . ....

March 31
Beowulf_7 gave a thumbs up to The Post "Facial hair".

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