Heavy metal Thank you for serving LEO lifeline You hold the life of LEOs in your hand Thanks for what you do May the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ greatly bless you REAL WARRIOR Super Friendly and outgoing Appreciate your service in a very important area of Law Enforcement Stay safe and God Bless Brother Thanks Man War Eagle Guardian Angel Thanks for being the FIRST line of defense in Crime Every Cop needs a GREAT dispatcher Warriors Heart Dedicated Professional Hard Charger Blue to the Bone American Patriot Proud to Know Thin Blue Line Sound the Charge a real hero Birthday buddy True Blue Warrior Appreciate the service you do for our counrty One Of The Few That Can Tell Cops Where To Go Thanks for the tribute I also enjoyed your Osama and Obama BS poster Too bad they make some stickers out of them Know a few palces Il like to put them Thanks Likes To Tell Us Where To Go And What To Do Every LEOs Guardian Angel Officers LifeLine For the kindness in his voice to the anger of a missing parent to the wails of sirens in the night our Apex Dispatcher who worries about the child the mothr a son and the Police Officer answering the call to arms GOD BLess you Apexpd Apex Officers Lifeline Radio wave rescue surfer Communications is the very backbone of any Police Agency in the country you perform such a strong position and lifeline to the officers on the street that a time may arise when you shall be the only one that hears an officer needing assistance and sends h DISPATCHERS DO IT ON THE RADIO GOD BLESS WATCH YOUR SIX Life line for Officers Angel on our shoulder ALWAYS KEEPING NC SAFE Dispatchers Rock Pilot of the airwaves tru tv fanatic Great enthusiastic personGlad to know him couldnt do it without you our life line Brother Dispatcher Thanks for being a guardian on the front lines WAYN IS THE ONLY STATION FOR SAFETY One of the few strong enough to dispatch thanks for being our lifeline An asset to the Eagle Scout brotherhood A TRUE BrotherLooking out for othersloved by MANY Keepin us safe brother in blue DisPatCheRs aRe ThE HeArt Of ThE DeParTmeNt A true hero The calm inside of the storm Dispatchers are our Lifelines when we are in trouble Thanks for being there when we need you most A true brother and NC Guardian Thanks for the tribute and stay safe Thanks Mate THE VOICE AT THE OTHER END Apex Saviour Keepin em safe while keepin em rolling thanks for being there for us KICK THEIRS AND COVER YOURS A Police Officers Life Line Dispatchers have the back of every Police officer out there If it were not for them a lot of us would not be going home at night Thanks for your service Apex Gaurdian Apex is lucky to have an all around Guardian Angel like you A listener of Prayers You are our Lifeline ALL HEART The unseen partner Thanks Mate LAW ENFORCEMENTS LIFELINE sweet Thanks for the TributeGod Bless There is no one like the dispatcher that makes it happen when you need a back up APEX MULTI TASKING LIFELINE GOD BLESS WayneWhere the rubber meets the road One of North Carolinas Finest A True Inspiration Telecomms always have your back Thanks for the tribute stay safe An Inspirational Friend Rootin Tootin NC Law Dawg Thanks for the tribute my fellow guardian angel God Bless and stay safe keep on talking on the radio and the phone Cousin lives in NC maybe Ill stop in at APEX during a visit Keep it up never stop KIND SWEET Keep on keeping on we need you listening without you we could become a statistic We serve together Warriors You never plan to fail You fail to plan We couldnt do what we do if you didnt do what you do thanks INSPIRATION keep th good work uo and i suapoart all of my cops Thanks for keeping us safe The true protection of the police officer Very Sweet Always there when it counts Without dispatchers all of us road guys would be deaf dumb and blind Thank God for the dispatchers Without Dispatchers we wouldnt have a job Apex Finest Working so others may live safely A top Dispatcher always watching our backs Dispatch is our eyes when we cant see Very kind and as necessary person as any officer in the feild THANK YOU Couldnt live without you Dispatchers arent afraid to tell Cops where to go the voice of reason when all seems unreasonable True hero behind the scenes officers lifeline A good dispatcher ranks right up there with tha all important back officer and Brother Wayne fits the bill True Blue Guiding light my eyes and ears You Are the MAN The most vital link A Brother in Law Enforcement Carolina brother keep us alive Always an eye open always there When your in the field there are two people you want on your sideGod and your dispatcher Thanks bro for what you do Good backup is necessary and essential Your Partner that is never seen but is always there Thank You for Always Watching Our Backs A Hero Who Watches Out For His Guys And Gals On The Street Thank You For A Service That Is Really Tough To Do A police officer is always an AMERICAN HERO no matter where he is stationed TRUE BLUE God Bless You Brother motivated and squared away appreciated and respected LEO Guardian Thank You for your service Hey Wayne It is to much for translate for a simple boy from Germany 1 Thank you And thank you for serving as a Police Officer And putting yourself in harms way such as I Dispatchers tell police where they can go Brother of the Thin Blue Line Policew Officers Life Line Men of Steel with Hearts of Gold Man of Steel with a Heart of Gold thanks for being a PL friend As a fellow New Yorker Got Your back Hell get out of my way keep up the great work watch your six Thanks for all you do GOOD PATCH TRADER Skilled Professional God Bless you and keep you safe APEX angel on LEOs shoulders CARING AND CONSIDERATE PROUD TO BE A PL FRIEND A Good Cop Boy Scouts supporter the foundation of our nation thank you god bless watch you 6 SOZA Brother The Dispatcher the voice behind the mic The Dispatcher keeps track of us The Dispatcher gets away with telling us where to go Thank you for all the service that you as a dispatcher provide to us One Great Enforcer