Tags for Florence Hobson

Super Sexy Smile Not thanked enough for what she does as a dispatcher Dispatchers Rock Beautiful Smile Proffesional Dedicated Adorable in uniform intoxicating smile Simply Wonderful Starbucks Buddy Very Beautiful Friendly Gorgeous Hot Warrior Dedicated Professional American Patriot Brave Hard Charger Blue to the Bone Proud to Know Beautiful Uniform Doesnt Do Her Beauty Justice My Best Friend Soul Sister Partner in Crime Awesome Fellow Fish Taco Enthusiast Great New Friend All of the above and then some MK b Sometimes word cant even explain b breath takingly beautiful Beautiful lady Breathtaking Elegant Classy One ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Law Enforcement Technician Exquisite wishing my Dispatcher was as HOTTTTT as you SMOKIN Radio Angel EXOTIC BEAUTY Her BEAUTY takes MY breath AWAY SEXXXY smokin HOTTT as HELL you know when she walks into the room and the married men all gasp and the perps ar ethinking easy markuntil she drops them handcuffs them and reads the rightsthen we wonder why she is still single AN ABSOLUTELY SOMKIN HOTT BREATHTAKING SEXXXXXY BEAUTIFUL EXOTIC WONDERFUL WOMAN One Of The Few That Can Tell Cops Where To Go I am proud to call Florence a friend of mine She is a fantastic person who has a heart of gold Her intoxicating beauty and sex appeal doesnt hold a candle to whats inside she is amazing intelligent witty caring funny smart elegant compassionate a truely beautiful person It is my privilage honor and pleasure to work with her on a daily basis and to call her a friend Is drooling like Homer Simpson a tribute ahwllllllllllll One The Few That Can Tell A Cop Where To Go and Get Away With It MY MOMMY A Starlit Beauty We the select few who have seen the best are amoured in the beauty of the dispatcher at peace and apathy as they try to keep busy and away from boredom but the busy nights are ahead with turmoil and uneasiness while they remain calm in a choatic world You have a great sense of humor Most beautiful and sweet person beautiful lady sweet friend so glad to be your friend always there SUPPORTER and FRIEND Appreciate your past and present service in very important areas of Law Enforcement Stay safe and God Bless PILOT OF THE AIRWAVES Armed Forces Supporter