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Fairfax, MO
Federal Officer / Agent
Actively Serving (has access to L.E. restricted areas)
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Cycling, Fishing, Hunting

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December 20
396HP posted in: "Do you favor any particular race?".

These are all wonderful examples of races.  And I must say a good pursuit on an open highway is always welcome.  But I would have to say watching m...

396HP posted in: "Before you were a LEO".

US Army  in Signal Corps, then a dispatcher - telling troopers where to go
But then I turned to the dark side..

396HP posted in: "If you weren't a Cop, what would you be?".

All I have ever been in is a uniform.  I think I would go back to the Army.  But then, I wouldn't mind doing something Monday - Friday , weekends a...

December 19
396HP posted in: "UNEXPLAINABLE".

I guess my story is totally explainable, but I still enjoy telling it:
Our department had been on a fuel/milage restriction for a while a couple o...

396HP posted in: "Who says Troopers do not have a sense of humor?".

I like it! It is the maple syrup drinking troopers that come up with stunts like that.  The not-so-inventive troopers like me just get to benifit f...

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