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    A Guide to PoliceLink

    So now that you’ve found your way to PoliceLink, what exactly is there do? There are many ways to be interactive and if you need some ideas, this guide will show you exactly what there is to do in each section. *News* You can rate every news article that you read. Go to the box that says “Rate.” Hover over the ...
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    College and Cops: Springboard Your Success in Law Enforcement

    College and Cops: Springboard Your Success in Law Enforcement
    When I decided to become a cop, I was dismayed to learn that most of the departments I was interested in required me to be twenty one years old to even apply. I was thirteen at the time, so waiting eight more years to realize my dream seemed almost inconceivable. After graduating high school at 18, I decided that if I ...
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    Advancing Your Education

    People of all ages are choosing to further their education by obtaining bachelors and even masters' and doctoral degrees. Many people choose to go back to school to open new doors and get ahead in their job, as well as the rest of their lives! "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": Sometimes it's ...
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    Learn About Online Courses

    What are online courses? Online courses offer the same educational information that you would get in a traditional institution but they are held in virtual classrooms instead of physical classrooms. Everything else will be similar to campus colleges. You will still have professors, books, assignments, exams, and grades, but also more flexibility as you would learn over the Internet from the ...
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    Selecting the Right Degree

    Your degree choice will affect your future career opportunities and ultimate success. This compact guide will help you choose the degree that works for you. "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": When making this decision, consider your current career path, future job markets, timeline and flexibility. Here are a few questions you need ...
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    Answers to the "Do You Know Your 10-Codes?" Quiz

    Answers to the "Do You Know Your 10-Codes?" Quiz
    PoliceLink created the quiz Do You Know Your 10-Codes? to test your knowledge about popular 10-Codes as provided by the Association of Public Communications Officers (APCO). Find out which you got wrong or right by checking out the correct answers on the following pages. Don't cheat! If you haven't tested yourself first, go take the quiz! See answers on the next ...
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    The Insider Track to the FBI

     The Insider Track to the FBI
    Many aspiring federal agents think they can just take the entrance exam, get through the interviews, and breeze through the polygraph. That mindset couldn’t be farther from the truth. [widget:368] Like with any professional career, you need to position yourself to ensure you are the best qualified candidate. For college-age individuals, one of the best opportunities you can take advantage of ...
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    Bill Ties Police Raises to Education

    Bill Ties Police Raises to Education
    BOSTON — Police officers would be eligible for pay raises after completing a variety of college courses — not just those associated with law enforcement — under legislation proposed at the Statehouse. State Rep. Martin Walsh, D-Dorchester, wants to expand the Quinn Bill, which gives raises of up to 25 percent to officers with college degrees. "_Find a school that will ...
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    Career Profile: Federal Agent

    Career Profile: Federal Agent
    The first thing most people think of when they here the term ‘special agent’ is the FBI. In reality, the FBI is only one of almost 100 federal law enforcement agencies that employ special agents. [widget:368] Special agents serve in all three branches of government – the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch – and many of the ...
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    Promotions: The Courses that Count

    Promotions: The Courses that Count
    You’ve decided to go back to college. You figured how to pay for it (or have your agency do so). You’ve set up a place in your home to study for exams and do papers. But here’s the question that many people ask…what should you study? Picking a major has never been harder than it is now. With the explosion of ...
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    Virtual Learning: Distance Education for Law Enforcement

    Imagine a police department's roll-call room at noon, where 30 homicide detectives have gathered for in-service training on crime scene evidence. As the detectives watch, a leading forensic scientist at a university 200 miles away discusses the details of a recently concluded murder investigation. "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": A detective in ...
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    The Skinny on Student Loans

    An education loan is a form of financial aid that must be repaid, with interest. Federal law sets the maximum interest rates and fees lenders may charge for federally guaranteed loans, and nothing prevents a lender from charging lower fees. "_Find a school that will get you ready for a career in law enforcement._": Here are three types of education loans: ...
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